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The Great Sister Kingdom Conflict documentation- Lightpoint

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This is documention of the great conflict, revolving around one of the ponies working behind the scenes for Celestia, who would become a fairly major figure in the aftermath.
It’s about a pony named Lightpoint.
Note: This is not all set in stone. More can be added and revised.
He is a pegasus, male. His fur is a very bright silver, almost pure white, and his mane is of a shiny light gold or orange. He wears on his muzzle a set of red tinted glasses, and he wears upon his torso a blue jacket with a high collar, reflective of an important air. He prefers not to wear pants or shoes.
Lightpoint is a stallion who had the honor of being in a trusted role to Princess Celestia during the great sister kingdom conflict.
He served as something of a relayer of information to her highness, observing the ebb and flow of progress, as well as a confidant who would advise her on prudent actions and tactics.
During the beginning of the conflict, he simply reported on the activities of the day. However, come the next few days, he would have some meaningful interactions with a select other few Celestia faithful.
He had a number of ideas during this whole affair, and more than a few concerns.
He considered requesting assistance in numbers from the griffons of nearby Griffonstone, or the dragons of the Dragon Lands. The thought was, at least for the dragons, since they had such a natural affinity for heat, assisting Celestia would be a good fit, a benefical collaboration. This wouldnt reach anywhere substantial, though.
Another troubling thought that entered his mind a few times was the possibility of the worst possible scenario- should Celestia give into her deepest fury and temptation and become her wicked alter ego of all-consuming flame- Daybreaker. Not just anypony knew of that name, but he was trusted enough to be aware. He knew that such an occurrence would be sure to wipe out all the opposing forces, but just as easily their own kingdom. No distinctions would be made with such a mare of indiscriminate wrath.
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He would continue to observe the gains and setbacks made by Celestia’s forces, and would be privy to her highness’s more vulnerable scenes of topics thereof. In particular, he saw once that some of Luna’s forces had made it to the Canterlot gates and had to make tracks to take action.
Yet underneath this calculating and determined stallion’s behavior, lied a yearning for there not to be any conflict anymore. He was partial to Celestia and always would be, but knew it was not right to see things continue the way they were. Talk was had of the idea of ponies from one kingdom being found in another kingdom. if they were there for any reason, even just visiting, it would turn out badly for them if discovered. Yet some of Luna’s kingdom were said to be coexisting peacefully in Canterlot in the background. Lightpoint knew that ending the quarrel would be best in general, but regardless, he continued to work toward a Celestia victory.
One of the ponies Lightpoint would have frequent conversations with was Commander Gray the First. Or just Gray, perhaps. Gray would be in the thick of everything, and would discuss the happenings of the day, observations on the progress, or lack thereof, and Lightpoint would likewise have deliberations with him much like he would with Celestia. At one desperate point, the lack of progress for Celestia got to Gray, who was near losing hope. In a flash of commitment to his fellow compatriot, Lightpoint literally shook him to get his head back into the game, so to speak, reminding him that ebbs and flows were par for the course.
This most likely sparked some sort of level of deeper camaraderie within this advisor.
Solar Guardian - Refused to surrender in the face of the Lunar rebellion and showed utmost loyalty to the Solar Empire (April Fools 2023).

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Lightpoint knew Celestia needed more numbers to push ahead. Grasping at options, he recommended finding willing guard help from the Crystal Empire. This too, however, proved to be a negligible gain. Supposedly the Crystal Empire was in a battle of their own with the Changelings, but this was never confirmed.
Aside from temporarily reassigning some of the palace royal guards to go in front, the only other obvious thing to do was continue holding the positions they had and hope things would go their direction. It was to the point where Lightpoint considered entring the fray himself to help however he could. Such direct action was more befitting of somepony like Gray, however. Lightpoint was more of a behind the scenes guy, and never had to get his hooves dirty before, but would if he had no choice.
PART 5.5
Everypony grew tired. Lightpoint was pacing himself and was not so tired, but in general, every pony from either kingdom was considering calling it quits.
This would be a blessing, in a way. Lightpoint attempted to forge a ceasefire, but the conflict would continue for more than the three days that had ellapsed so far.
Everypony would just have to learn best how not to overexert themselves.
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A letter was written by Lightpoint to Celestia, presumably to gather his thoughts in a better fashion, something better left in word form than in speech. Knowing ending things was not going to be easily possible, he confided in the princess some big thoughts.
Princess Celestia, I’m writing this to you instead of talking to you directly. Although I and others desire for this unending back and forth to soon come to a stop, I feel that may not be in the cards, and this might continue for at least the next few days. While I desire for you to emerge victorious, I would generally prefer not to have to destroy any more.
Be that as it may, however, if the case comes that we are completely overrun and out of options, we will have to pull out all the stops and go for broke. If there are any super duper royal secret aces in the hole waiting in the wings, it may be time to bring them out. I do not know these things, though, and I shudder to think what that could be.
He was looking for any and all options to prevail. He didn’t know absolutely everything Celestia had in store but it was high time to start considering it, whatever it may be.
Why he withheld his name is not clear. There must have been some deeper, personal reason. Was he not comfortable with something about himself? Was he just distant? Celestia knew who he was, why be secretive…? This attitude would change, however…
For some reason, Lightpoint was being secretive. It’s possible he was trying not to reveal anything about himself, as it wasn’t vital to the mission at hoof. He was straight and to the point, but he wasn’t unfriendly or uncordial to others. He just… kept to himself. Possibly to a detriment.
Well this wasn’t to last.
Something eventually changed in him.
In the midst of the week long conflict, Lightpoint was slowly becoming more amicable with his compatriots. This steady stream of familiarity and shared purpose spurred inside him something enough that he made a major move, at least for him. He approached Gray and formally introduced himself, having not actually done so yet, not even having divulged his name before to anypony. For some reason, he kept it secret before, even to those he trusted. Something about this conflict and the conversations he would have with other figureheads working for Canterlot brought something out in him new.
Twilight would be proud, for sure.
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The nature of the force of their foes was still apparent. Lightpoint vowed not to let any of the Luna forces get far in the castle. By his own admission, he wasnt the strongest fighter, not like the proper royal guards.
A surprising thing was found out about Lightpoint, something not to be expected of a pony of his statue. He liked receiving head rubs. Or at least, he did after receiving some for what might have been the first time. By a Luna follower, no less! One named Acid Flask. There was still a general sense of comradarie present on the sidelines.
Canterlot had the upper hoof at this point, and all was going superbly for the kingdom. But Lightpoint knew that it was possible this would flip backwards easily…
Solar Guardian - Refused to surrender in the face of the Lunar rebellion and showed utmost loyalty to the Solar Empire (April Fools 2023).

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He was right. The tide was turning away from them again. Commander Gray wanted to fall back, and at this point Lightpoint was wondering if and when it would be over. Every gain would be swallowed back by the opposing forces. And in turn, Celestia’s forces would best them back. Things seemed doomed to repeat again and again.
It was here Lightpoint had a longshot of a strategy jump into his mind. An idea from an ever shrinking pool of possible tactics.
Princess Luna’s forces were unflappable and large in number. Whatever would be done to them would be undone in turn every time. Perhaps, Lightpoint realized, they had a sort of secret to their perseverance.
He volunteered, with the Princess’s permission, to go undercover as one of the Luna kingdom’s own. He donned lilac armor, dyed his mane a deep blue, sported a blue shaded coat, and assumed the moniker Darkness McNightshade. As this alter ego, he would learn whatever secrets the Luna forces had up their fetlocks, and relay this back to Celestia. He had faith that nopony would have any suspicion.
He would be away from his role as advisor at this time, obviously, but he didn’t feel this would be a major detriment.
It was a clever idea, at least.
…It wouldn’t turn out much, though.
Solar Guardian - Refused to surrender in the face of the Lunar rebellion and showed utmost loyalty to the Solar Empire (April Fools 2023).

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Having met with Luna faithful, he introduced himself under this guise, and asked to be “reminded” of any vital goings on that gave them such a leg up on Celestia.
Most were just slightly confused, however. Nopony was actively hostile to him, but nopony provided anything crucial, either.
Some did raise their eyebrows, being reminded of a major figurehead from Canterlot, but nothing further than that.
He attempted to learn about a hypothetical secret weapon, surely somepony would share with him, a fellow Luna follower, want they all otherwise knew. He tried to learn of any weaknesses they had discovered about Celestia. But still, nothing. Just a sense of hard work and dedication. He would strike up accords with some of the Luna followers, like the batpony Dark. But ultimately his quest for information would be fruitless, and retreated back to Canterlot.
This whole affair could be seen as a little comedic, in fact.
All he learned was that the Luna faithful were no different than Celestia’s were. And in a way, that was relieving.
But the worst was yet to come…
Solar Guardian - Refused to surrender in the face of the Lunar rebellion and showed utmost loyalty to the Solar Empire (April Fools 2023).

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The Celestia forces were overwhelmed yet again. But this time Lightpoint’s usual concern for matters turned into something bigger.
This wasnt like him. He was as cool as a metaphorical cucumber, and had things under control. But he didn’t. And this left him more vulnerable that he was ever used to being.
As Celestia’s confidant, he was ashamed to have her see him in this state. Gray was of a similar mindset. Lightpoint wasn’t supposed to be like this. But he was only equine, like anypony else.
Again he worried of Daybreaker, pushes to the limit, coming and leaving nopony unscorched. What world would there be to rule, if all were made into ashes, he wondered. He could no longer effectively serve as an advisor were that to happen. Daybreaker certainly would not listen to him, not anypony at all. He would have to flee Equestria itself, and maybe invite Gray.
But he found the resolve to keep going, to stick with the Princess till the very end. Pulling out all the stops.
Though he had suspicions that it was about to get even worse.
And boy, did he ever turn out to be correct…
Talks of a sort of peace were smattering between some of the ponies of either kingdom, Lightpoint included. Some of these ponies truly wanted it after all this time. But it was about to get a whole lot worse before it would get better.
The Luna forces were growing stronger than before. Even the batpony Dark encountered Lightpoint and picked up a familiar scent. It didn’t escalate, thankfully. He apparently smelled… friendly.
Then it got worse. They were inside the castle! Reports of a mole were even raised, which Lightpoint relayed to
her highness, though this was unconfirmed.
The gap was growing every hour. Lightpoint realized this would possibly be their last stand. There were no more strategies to enact. He made it a point to personally make sure nopony would enter the royal chambers. He hoped for a sudden second wind from the Celestia forces, but this was dim.
He had conversations with a Luna faithful named Countess Sweet Bun. One who was not combat driven, and too desired this all to end, like he did. He imagined dignitaries putting together the foundation for a new start, and he so wanted to be one of them.
Solar Guardian - Refused to surrender in the face of the Lunar rebellion and showed utmost loyalty to the Solar Empire (April Fools 2023).

Stygian adorer
There was no getting around it anymore.
It was lost. Nothing was getting any better for Celestia.
Gray said he was holding back the advance, and that Lightpoint and Celestia needed to get out of there to some semblance of safety away from the castle.
Lightpoint felt defeated on so many levels. He dedicated himself to protecting Celestia regardless of the circumstances, but it was clear it wasn’t to be won. He realized that it was maybe his own fault that they lost. He was her majesty’s advisor, and he didn’t perform well enough! They lost. And it was possibly all because of him. He failed, and he was taking it very personally. He was close to tearing up. But Celestia assured him it was not because of him. Same with Gray. Lightpoint felt so relieved for this, but the situation was still dire.
It was suggested that Lightpoint flee. Celestia was ok with this too.
But Lightpoint just couldn’t bring himself to do it.
He decided that he and a select group of others would retreat to an undisclosed, secure location. They would stay together in this moment of defeat, at least. He invited Gray to come with him, but he decided he was better off holding the Luna forces off as much as possible.
Lightpoint knew now he wasn’t the reason for the kingdom’s failure. But he knew they would endure.
Solar Guardian - Refused to surrender in the face of the Lunar rebellion and showed utmost loyalty to the Solar Empire (April Fools 2023).

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Princess Celestia, myself, and a crew of others have have fallen back to a secure, undisclosed location.
All we can do now is hope.
And although I’m not a royal guard… if we are found out, I will try to safeguard the princess with my life.
I only wish I could have been there for the peace happenings, if there were to be any.
He was intent on being there for her highness until the end.
Then it happened.
He said he was in contact with some from the Luna kingdom to put and end to the hostilities once and for all. And he knew this was a genuine offer. He had familiarized himself with a number of Luna ponies who likewise desired a truce, and he was ready to begin whatever proceedings would be necessary. One Luna pony named Wing offered pie, too. Things looked like they were going to be on good terms.
And this time it finally would be.
Celestia’s forces since pushed back a little bit against Luna’s, but it wouldn’t be enough. And it would even get worse, and never get better.
Lightpoint was well into behind the scenes of the forging a treaty with the Luna kingdom, and realized something.They may have lost, yet it was not as disastrous as he had expected.
We have demonstrated our existence and made ourselves known.
And most importantly, you didn’t go nutso flame on us. That was to be avoided.

Certainly many were being amicable by now. Many wanted the same thing- for it all to be over. And Lightpoint couldn’t help but realize that in an ironic sense, the battle has made him and many of the others, even some of the Lunarists, closer. Cooler heads, it would seem, would finally prevail. An accord would be reached.
The meeting was being put together. Lightpoint invited a number of Celestia faithful, enough for a genuine display of sincerity.
But he made it a point to write one more note to her highness.
This is my last entry for now, Princess.
The preparations are complete, and we are ready to move past this seemingly eternal tug of war.
And although we did not emerge victorious, surprisingly none of us are worse off. I have confidence I will continue to be your advisor in the meantime, despite the outcomes. And maybe we can operate in less stressful circumstances. As something more pleasant than just as an advisor…
Lightpoint out, for now.

More pleasant than just as an advisor… one could only imagine what that would entail.
Solar Guardian - Refused to surrender in the face of the Lunar rebellion and showed utmost loyalty to the Solar Empire (April Fools 2023).

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Lightpoint knew that despite being on the losing kingdom, everypony from either kingdom has astoundingly become better off after it all. Unity was achieved.
Lightpoint knew Celestia’s defeat was not his doing, as he began to wonder before. Still, it’s a miracle how well this all turned out.
Lightpoint met with Gray, Dark, Countess Sweet Bun, Wing, and several others he had gained acquaintance with. No matter which princess they served under, they were effectively all as one.
Countess Sweet Bun even referred to her new friend as “A brilliant fighter with a knack for diplomacy.”
Currently Lightpoint is going on occasional personal missions of goodwill to the batponies, which we don’t know a great amount about. He attempts to learn more for a better understanding.
Perhaps the time will come to advise Celestia should a much greater disaster were to arise. One that threatened all of Equestria, not just one of two sisters.
But until then, he continues to live in Canterlot, glad for this all to be over.
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Ah, such naivety to belive that these pleasant terms of surrender will last beyond the time where they stop being convenient propaganda for the forces of night. I know you feel this peace is for the best, my friend. I only hope that when the time comes, the bats at least make it quick for you when they stab you in the back.
Praise the sun.
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Excellent stuff friend. Breif sumations and (as we’ve discussed before) differing head-canons, but if you ever decide to extrapolate this out somewhere down the line this could make for a great full-length story all it’s own!
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NLR troop's "dad"
Iwas reading it last night as you posted, but waited to reply since I didn’t wanted to fight against the phone’s spell check in Castillian.
It was a fun read and I think conveys the moments of confidence and the moments of desperation well. I’ve enjoyed it.
And finally, thanks for adding that bit of silly improvized RP on the journal. I’ll make sure to mention that on my account as well :)
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A first-hoof account by Lightpoint about retreating to safety with Celestia and some select others
It was difficult to realize this was the only option. I’m supposed to be her highness’s advisor, and in turn, I do a fair amount of strategizing to determine the best actions. But the numbers were too underwater.
Gray said I should leave, for my own sake. I easily could have, but it didn’t feel completely right for me to do.
After talking it over, we made the decision to go. We left the throne room through the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Once we reached the secure room, all we could do was wait. wait for something… something most likely troublesome. would the Luna-tics find us? If they did, what would they do to us? I may have failed to win us the victory, but I would not let anypony harm her highness. I was resigned to the only thing I could do… hold off anything that would come…
PS: I had described the specific details of where we went in the castle, but have decided afterward this is classified knowledge and have removed it.
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The following showcases an alternate scenario where things went worse than they did.
The battle between Luna’s forces and Celestia’s had lasted almost a week, and it was clear that the path to victory for Celestia and her followers was uphill at best. They had made gains every so often, but they were just as easily wiped out.
Lightpoint could only give so much advice and direction against such an intense affront. He was, however, not willing to abandon her highness in this time of duress.
Things, however, turned from bad to worse.
Lightpoint had to relay the latest developments to her majesty, nothing good. He talked to her, told her the developments, and it was dire for sure. The Luna following ponies would be at the castle gates at any minute.
But it was clear something was not right with her highness, something different was about her. A sense of… desperation. A sense of defeat. But simultaneously, a sense of not wanting to take anything anymore.
She talked. She talked in a new, dire tone. She said that she was the Princess of the Sun. The all powerful sun. That she is the one who is to rule this world. She doesn’t need this war. She knows she is the mightiest one of all, who can wipe out these ponies of this “New Lunar Republic”, and she will show them all who is really in charge in Equestria!
Inch by inch, her fur became paler, and the pastels in her mane started turning a bright orange, before igniting and turning into raging flames. In a matter of minutes Lightpoint’s biggest fear was realized… Pushed against the wall, Celestia had succumbed to her sense of self importance… Daybreaker had emerged.
This… this was the absolute worst possible turn of events to happen. Lightpoint was frozen and completely at a loss for words. The threshold was crossed, and everything could be at risk. The Luna-tics, Canterlot itself .. But he was her advisor still, and couldn’t just leave her.
He still had to guide her.
Immediately, Daybreaker approached the opposing forces entering the castle gates and with one big blast wave of fire, wiped everypony out who was standing at the door. Luna ponies, Canterlot royal guards… everything. Nearby bushes had caught on fire, and the courtyard had become a shambles of charred material.
“Your Highness! You can’t do this! You’re going to destroy everypony! Even your own followers!” Lightpoint shouted at this new form of Celestia in a desperate attempt to keep her on a normal course. “What you’re doing is not conducive to winning this properly!”
Still, Daybreaker began to lay waste again to everything and anypony in sight. She was the true ruler of this kingdom, after all, she would say.
“Your Highness, you need to stop this destruction at once!”
This time, Daybreaker paused mid flight, and slowly turned around to look at him, with a furious and terrifying gaze from those dark red eyes of hers. Lightpoint was frozen in fear.
“I will no longer hold back,” she said in a commanding voice. “I am the ruler of this kingdom, and I will no longer let any of these ponies interfere with me!”
Her focus on Lightpoint only intensified, as she came to a realization.
“In fact, I don’t need you anymore!”
Immediately she took a deep breath and spit out of her mouth a giant fireball moving at high speed, right toward Lightpoint. As soon as it registered to him what was going to happen, he was hit by it, sending him sailing into the air, and being flung at least 20 feet away as he landed on the castle floor in a slide.
He was shaken, bruised, and seared in many places on his torso and legs. He got up in a staggered way, sporting the most terrified open mouthed expression he had ever displayed, afraid for his very being. Instinctively and without thinking about it one second, he started galloping away as fast as he could, with horrified tears streaming down his face.
He could no longer be her majesty’s advisor.
As he exited the castle through a side passage, he sat, singed and banged up, and started sobbing behind the exterior wall.
It was over. There was nothing else left to do. He thought maybe he could run away to Mount Aris or somewhere. Maybe take Commander Gray along with him. Equestria would be no place to stay anymore… whatever would be left of it.
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