The Continuing Adventures of Medi-Bat


@Communist Starlight
Luna wrinkles her nose in disgust and sneers. “We did not feel the warmth of the sun for a thousand years! Dost thou hear us whine as thou dost? Grab up thy weapons and plot thy revenge as We hath done. For vengeance did keep mine heart warm as we did keep our weapons oiled and sharp for the day we did return for blood and glory!”
“Forward! For glory awaits-
“Oh! Yes, Sister?”
*I know that you are just mentally preparing for one of your games, but, I do get a bit uncomfortable with your speech at times.
(blushes) “Tis nothing for you to fret over, dear sister. Yet, I shall refrain for thy sake.”
*Thank you, Luna, and may your army prevail.”
Luna smiles, showing her teeth. “I will do so!”

At my easel, painting, trying to focus, and trying to not think too much, and yet the feeling of being watched creeps up on me. I set my teeth and load my pallet knife with ‘the thin roll of paint’ that the crazy-haired painting teacher used and start applying the highlights to the tree trunk, but the feeling of being watched intensifies. I try to keep keep focused, accuracy is important as I’m working on foreground elements. But she isn’t content when she’s being ignored. A soft, tickly ​sensation moves on my neck.
“It’s looking pretty, she says. Her high ending tone hinted that she has something else she wants to say.
I move the knife and sigh. Too much color here, not enough there, and once again, I’m not entirely satisfied with the result. I have a hard time seeing anything as a ‘happy accident’, but it’s time to address the furry grey Limbap in the room. “What’s on your mind, Medi?” I ask, then feel a bit rude that I didn’t acknowledge her comment but cut straight to her unspoken subject.
There’s a pause. It’s too long for her. I set down my knife and stretch. She launches up from my shoulder in a flurry of flapping wings and perches on my easel in front of me.
“Hearts and Hooves Day.” She says. It’s not a question and yet it is. I hate it when she does this.
“It’s in eight days.” I say simply. It’s all I can think of anything else to say with nothing else to go on.
Medi bites her lower lip. “We haven’t done anything for a while. Me, you, BigBug, C-Star, Joe: We have all been strangers.”
I nod. “You’re feeling lonely?
Medi nods. “We used to have fun adventures.” Her perch is higher than me, yet it still feels like I’m looking down on her when she gives me her sad-eyes.
I sit in my chair and bring up that special tab that she loves so much. I hear her wings flap and the next moment she’s on my shoulder, pressing against my neck in excitement. “What are you going to say?” She askes excitedly as Derpibooru fills the screen.
I reach up and stroke her impossibly soft fur, then I stand and carry her out of the room. “Why don’t you wait out here, Medi.”
“No! Don’t wanna!” She pouts when I set her in her doorless, towel-lined, birdcage.
“Medi, this is a bit like Christmas, isn’t it? It’s supposed to be a surprise. You don’t want to know beforehand, do you?
She’s not happy. Even as I see her reluctant agreement in her expression. “Fine!” She grumps. I’ll stay here till you’re done.”
I go back into my studio and set at my keyboard:
Hey guys! Medi’s feeling alone and neglected; she’d really like it if you all would do something for her on Hearts and Hooves Day. You have a week! A short story, A piece of art, a pic of you donating blood, but please, no puppies, kittens, or any live animals!
Let’s show the little grey flyer some love!
Castellan Fyor
Solar Supporter - Fought against the New Lunar Republic rebellion on the side of the Solar Deity (April Fools 2023).
Non-Fungible Trixie -

For the Emperor!
At the moon base, things have gotten quiet. People have come and gone, and new places explored. No one comes to the old satellite of the home world anymore. I sit back in my chair, admiring my handiwork. A chaplain, ready to join the rest of his force of brothers. I hear a tiny door hiss open, and the flapping of tiny wings. I decide to play a little game.
“My dear chaplain…” I begin, a smile creeping onto my face as I hear Medi perch on a nearby shelf. “I must say, I have something to confess.” I switch to deeper voice, “Brother Starlight, you may speak with me, in complete Ernest.” I switch back to my voice, holding the miniature in front of my face. “I must say I have been quite lonely. It is almost Valentine’s Day after all, and my partner is away. I have no one to give a valentine to!” I hear medi flap her wings and perch on my work desk, and in a deep imitation of the chaplain she says, “Brother Starlight, you have a brave and noble bat to give a valentine to!” I chuckle, the smile growing. “Wise words, chaplain.” And I finally turn to the adorable little bat. “Happy early Valentine’s Day, little Medi.”

@Communist Starlight
You have inspired me with some awe!
The image of gold and black clad, battle-hardened, Space Marines exchanging cute, pink, cards with one another in the Emperor’s halls fills me with genuine amusement!
Thanks for the story!

I would have thought that a Communist would have no problem with this one.
Twilight- No! The Intelligentsia is sent to Gulag!
Pinkie Pie- No! Obviously Western Bourgeoisie
Fluttershy- No! Harbors capitalist ideals like the personal ownership of animals.
Rarity- No! Caters exclusively to Western bourgeoisie
Rainbow Dash No! The party is awesome. No individual must supersede the Party
Applejack Yes! Strong work ethic. Community Oriented.
Castellan Fyor
Solar Supporter - Fought against the New Lunar Republic rebellion on the side of the Solar Deity (April Fools 2023).
Non-Fungible Trixie -

For the Emperor!
Lol, nah. I’m just weighing my options.
I’m expecting a large box to release soon with 40+ dudes and I don’t need that many of the same type so I’m thinking ahead to how I’m going to paint them.

@Communist Starlight
You could do a squad that is the Mane 6; Each member painted after a mane character and just keep expanding out to popular characters as you have figures. (I’d love to see a shortened, green-purple, marine for spike. Maybe he’s fumbling with ammo/energy for the squad..?) Maybe have them with their CM’s on their leg, and an Equestrian logo on their shoulder..?
ps. Idea! Now I need to sketch some of that out!
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