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The Continuing Adventures of Medi-Bat


@Communist Starlight  
State Rations lead to State-wide starvation.
I want my Capitalist, super-sized, satisfaction-guaranteed, portion of Medi-Bat pony!  
…as soon as Joe Razagal can ensure the quality and safety of his next adventure and provide them in package form. After all, the market demands quality and safety First!
Safety first: No death-by-excessive-cute, no accidental unleashing of Borg, and no careless summoning of Chutulu.  
And Quality: No cross-over’s with “Small Wonder”, no IRL re-hashes of successful animations, (I’m looking at YOU, Disney!) and no half-ass drunken ramblings - only Whole-ass drunkeness will do.  
After that, Joe and his adorable, squeaky, grey, mini-medi-bat-pony companion can take us wherever he wants to go.

@Communist Starlight  
When you return, please bring Vodka.  
Given Joe’s proclivity for alcohol to fuel his adventures, you are far more likely to be a source of advancement of “The Continuing Adventures Of Medi-Bat” than I and my depressive Medi-Bat offerings.  
So please, Communist Starlight, return quickly.  
With Vodka.  
And Caviar.  
And crab legs if you can manage.  
And especially with your mustache proudly showing contempt for Gillette!
Joseph Raszagal
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Emily Brickenbrackle III
Intermission: Somewhere in the General Tri-State Area, on Top of a Friggin’ Mountain
Let’s see if I can tide you guys over for a little while xD . I am sorry that I’ve been so busy, but life can be a jerk like that sometimes; throwing more food on your plate than you could ever hope to eat. I’ll get back to the vacation arc as soon as I’ve got the free time to sit down and draft something out properly, I promise.
“Master, that sunburn looks pretty bad.”
Me: “Tell me about it. As far as caucasians go, I think I’m about the closest the race has ever come to completely snow-white. What I’m trying to say is that I burn pretty easily.”
[Medi flap-flaps over to a small side-cabinet and rifles through its drawers. It takes her a little while, what with the size discrepancy, but she eventually returns with a small tube of medicated ointment. She plops the tube into my hand and we both spare a second to chuckle over the way the word “ointment” sounds when spoken aloud.]
“It’s almost like the sound that piggies make!”
Me: [squeezing some of the ointment into my palm, I slather it onto the back of my neck and laugh] “Yeah, it kinda is, isn’t it?”
“Are you gonna be alright, Master? I’m afraid that most of my help would have come in the form of advice on how to avoid sunburns, not all the stuff that comes after the fact.”
Me: [Gently patting her on the head] “Aww, don’t worry about it, buddy. I made my bed, I may as well lie in it, right? All the same though, I do appreciate your concern.”
“I’m a medical specialist, I’m always concerned! It’s practically my job! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
Me: [Thinking emoji] “Actually, that makes a lot of sense. Doesn’t sound very fun though.”
[Medi circles around me in the air twice, gliding not unlike a tiny bat-shaped kite, then lands on my head in a perfect crouching “Superhero Pose”]
“Boy, it sure is ironic that you ended up getting a sunburn when the next chapter of our adventure is literally taking place on a beach.”
[Tell me about it, yo]
“Well, at least you’ll remember to use sunblock next time, Master. You don’t wanna get skin cancer!”
[Shudder; that’s a big ol’ nope on that one, dawg]
Me: “Luckily, the burn should fade by the time we make it the beach. If I avoid any more direct sunlight, anyway.”
[Taking off like a fuzzy little jet from my head, Medi wordlessly flutters out of the room and down the hall. A good three or four minutes later and she returns with her prize, hauling a large sunhat behind her across the floor. Apparently, it’s too heavy for her to fly with.]
Me: [I boop her on the snoot with my index finger] “You’re too good to me, sweetheart.”
“I just don’t want your burn to get any worse, Master. Well, that and you’ll look funny in the hat. It’s sooooooooooooo big!”
Me: “That it is, hun. That it is.”
Long story short, I’ve got a pretty bad sunburn from working on that trailer today. The good news, however, is that the trailer has mostly burnt up. The bad news is that we’ll still have to get the backhoe to pile up what’s left and burn it again, then take the magnet wands out there and pick up all the loose nails and screws. Flat tires always make for a bad day, yo.

@Joseph Raszagal  
Thank you!  
Watch your step around the sharp metal,  
May your sunburn cool quickly,  
and may the Medi-Bat pony muse be with you, so that laughter and delight will be spread far and wide!  
My Medi musings are depressive and inferior.
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