"Siblings of the Spirit"

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I returned with the new and final part of the story, titled "Siblings of the Spirit" and I hope you liked the second part of the story and enjoyed reading ✍
••. • ´¯` •. •• (Let's get started) ••. • ´¯` •. ••
Platin is shocked by what Volt said, notices Volt, apologizes to her, and completes the reason for hiding this thing and says
Volt: — I know that you are shocked by your majesty, and I know that you are asking why they did this … After a short period of your birth, the king and queen came to you at night and with them Clover and gave me when I asked him, he said: Take care of him and take care of him and I I don’t tell you this until I die. I adopted him like my son. I apologize for those days when I was ignoring your question. This is all I know. Please tell Cleverer, forgive your father and mother, and your majesty forgive me.
Then Volt dies, and the Princess goes out coldly and silently as she cries from the Volt room. Clover comes suddenly and says
<Clover>: — Your Majesty, where were you looking for you around the palace and heard that my mother is sick, is she okay? A moment, your Majesty is crying
The princess continues to keep silent as she cries and suddenly cuddles Clover
and shout and say
* Platin *: — My brother!
<Clover>: — A … your brother ?! What … what do you mean, your majesty? Why are you crying?
* Platin *: — I had a feeling since that time Clover, you are my brother!
<Clover>: Do you mean that volts …
* Platin *: — Yes, she is not your mother and … and Volt is dead … please Clover please forgive her and my father and mother
Clover is silent for a while and says he cries
<Clover>: — My sister doesn't matter no matter what they do so it was for our sister's best interests
He wipes away her tears and says
<Clover>: — Do not care. This was in the past. As for the Volt, I will miss her very much.
The two Siblings complete their lives in peace and rule with each other in harmony until the time of the royal sisters rule
••. • ´¯` •. •• (done) ••. • ´¯` •. ••
And this is how we got to the end of the story, and I hope I hope that you liked it and lived in a blog or a new story, God willing, join me, see you in the comments and goodbye 😘
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