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Nostalgia Nerd
NSFW. For Arutti. A moon had passed since Twilight had moved into Ponyville. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon they both went to their cute cenera in Sugarcube Corner that Weekend in May.That was the first time that the Cutie Mark Crusaders had been at the cute cenera after gathering for the first that year. Sugarcube Corner had been decorated with streamers and big colorful shiny balloons in many shapes that afternoon. There was cakes, sweets, treats and fruits of all kinds from all over Equestria at that cute cenera party. The guests they was including Pokey Pierce, and a group of school ponies like Noi and Twist from the Ponyville school. The latest summer hit records they were playing in the background, and some of the ponies they danced along to the songs.
“I will like to welcome you to my annual cute cenera here in Sugarcube Corner.” Diamond Tiara told the crowd of ponies and smiled.
Diamond Tiara was later on blowing air in a very long, bended, shiny, clear and blue balloon. The little filly felt how the long rubber body grew between her hooves. Diamond Tiara, Noi, Dinky and Silver Spoon were then standing and grabbing and releasing the long blue loudly squeaking shiny balloon body with their hooves in over an hour. While Diamond Tiara was nervous of balloons, were she ecstatic too by feeling the soft shiny rubber skin. Twist had also showed up.
“Hey Twist nice to see you again.” Diamond Tiara told the filly and gave a smile.
Then had Twist, Noi, Dinky and Silver Spoon playing with a big pink and round balloon, while Diamond Tiara stood and rubbed herself under the legs. The horny little horses had not rubbed herself under the legs before, and she examined herself under the legs over four hours. At last had the horny little horse reached her second climax, while Twist had been brushing a pink and whiny star shaped static balloon against Diamond Tiara’s hair and flank for a long time. Silver Spoon gave Dinky a nearly four hour long hornjob in the meanwhile. Dinky felt relaxed by having Silver Spoon suck her hot horn. After the balloon play was there cakes, stories, games and dances at midnight. The fillies had been dancing till late at night in the crowded room. Finally had the last ponies been leaving Sugarcube Corner that morning after the party that had been lasting all night long.
After the party later at the end of the night was Tootsie Flute grabbing a large, round, ruby coloured, shiny, clear, squeaking balloon with her hooves while Pokey Pierce pushed and kicked to the balloon in the quiet empty streets of Ponyville for nearly three hours. As Tootsie Flute held the creaking balloon with her hooves, were she brushing the static and creaking balloon against the hair on Pokey Pierce that gave the little horny pony a nearly five hour long hornjob that morning.
Twilight, Ruby Pinch, Liza Doolots and Tornado Bolt pushed and kicked to a curved, large, very shiny, very clear, very long balloon at the cute cenera that afternoon. Then that afternoon had Liza Doolots and Tornado Bolt been watching as very horny Twilight teached them a sex game where the two little ponies watched for over 10 hours as the unicorn sucked surprised, scared but also very relaxed Ruby Pitch under her first horncare for over 10 hours from the afternoon til late at night non stop.
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