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Nostalgia Purist
It was many moons ago in august as Applejack, Bright Mac and Pear Butter was on a camping trip in the wilderness by Manehattan in august. Many ponies had been talking about strange lights in that wilderness, and native yaks had thousand year old tales about these lights too.
“These lights had been first seen on a Hearth’s Warming Eve thousands moon ago.” an old yak had told under an interview.
“Many ponies had been vanished after seeing these lights, and science ponies had been told about entities from other planets.” a pony from Manehattan told under the interview.
As the night arrived was Applejack and her parents awake by seeing a light like it was day outside, and noises none of them had heard before. The next morning was Applejack and her parents walking on in a remote forest by Ponyville with a cam. But soon they got lost despite the two parents knew the forest since they were fillies. Finally had the ponies been reaching a tunnel in the forest. But it looked like everypony just had left in a hurry in that tunnel where there was abandoned carts, abandoned ambulances and abandoned police carts. Nopony was to be found in that tunnel. From there the reel was missing.
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