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This fanfic might by ooc to comics or even AU at times.

"Come on Spike, hurry up."

Spike took a deep breath, and moved the box of wool.

"Are we done yet, Rarity." Spike said tiredly.

"Actually darling you having to move 10 more boxes."

"Yes, Rarity. Oh boy. This is so-"

Rarity laughed. "I'm just joking with you, boy. Even I'm not that harsh. Take a seat darling."

Spike relieved sat down. It was a long day of getting stuff together for Rarity's new dress. He worked a little harder than usual for Rarity.

"You have worked so hard darling I'm impressed. When you grow up you are surely going to be an athletic fellow. I'm pretty sure mare will see your great muscles with awe."

Spike blushed a little. "Thanks Ms. Rarity."

Rarity took out some tea and told him to drink. "For your hard work Spike, you get something great."

"Thanks Rarity!"

As they sipped tea, Rarity, was amazed at how much of a work ethic the young dragon.

"I'm curious, little one, what do you want to be when you grow up?"

Spike spat out his tea as Spike never really wondered about this. He always assumed he would work for Twilight.

"Um maybe a ... um ... uh... a carpenter?"

Rarity had surprised look. "A capenter, really, I mean no offense, but it's just wood, it's nothing that special or precious just measly wood."

Spike said "Yeah I mean it's just one of those jobs that I've thinking about and..."

"Hah, I knew it you just made that ambition up! If you were passionate about being a carpenter, you wouldn't have let me insult the great art of carpentry."

"Dang it." Spike said.

"I'm very good at reading people darling. It's why Applejack always fears playing poker with me. And I can tell something about you." She stared into him. "You have a lot of uncertainty about your future."

Spike never expected to talk about something like this.
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