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Audiowave Dasher

Heyy guys! My new book is 112,000 words, 275 pages, and 45 chapters. You can see two trailers I made on my youtube! Just need a few more subscribers so I can get my custom URL! I DEF have some cool stuff on my YT channel, original music, PMV’s, and a new book that will be released soon if you like adventure stories! The first three chapters are available as an audio reading on my channel! Check out the trailer below! I also have pony guitar picks for sale, and a FB group with 2400 patrons! Thanks for the support! Feel free to comment and subscribe! Thanks!
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Audiowave Dasher

Its an adventure story! A Pegasus pony named Zephyrwind stumbles into Canterlot after flying nearly 2000 miles to ask Princess Celestia for help. A neighboring country has placed sanctions on her capital city and she feels they may move to attack her country soon. The Princess sends AudioWave Dasher, a special agent for Canterlot, halfway around the globe to the Caemarie to settle a regional dispute. Only the neighboring city is the Catasis Velon. An underwater city ruled by an intelligent undersea civilization. Can AudioWave Dasher and Zephyrwind discover the plot behind the conflict?
A story of fantasy, adventure, and magic filled with all new original characters and some familiar old ones as well. From the mind of AudioWave Dasher, writer of such great songs as “Paper White” and “Fly into the Night”, Comes an epic story filled with adventure, and wonder.
Search “The legend of catasis velon and the caemarie” trailer on youtube
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@Audiowave Dasher  
I heard all three audio chapters. And I really liked it! I like how you describe the mystical world of Equestria. And I love the two characters. I like the adventurous yet scholarly spirit of Audiowave. I also like Zephyrwind’s jewelery and Middle Eastern look. And I love your worldbuilding. I like me some politics mixed with story. And you have a few funny humorous stuff too.
I would really like to read this book. I would like there to be a text version of it. Do you think you’re going to publish it on Fimfiction? How can I see the full book?
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Audiowave Dasher

Thank you so much! The book is completed, but may be a bit before it gets to the publishing stage. I encourage you to follow my channel for updates, and if you havent already, check out the two trailers that I made for the book promotion. Unfortunately, I will not be putting it on fimfiction because I spend almost 3 years writing this book. So it will only be available in hardcover when it goes to the publisher. You can also join my FB group here:
Thanks for your support!
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