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My Fanfiction Ideas


Tagger of the Unknown
fanfic titles:

MLP Pilot retelling

Why Won't You Tell Spike the Truth, Rarity?!

AJ and Rarity in Home Ec Class

Rarity: A Tale of a Disillusioned Small Town Filly

Swarm of the Century retelling

I keep on thinking of writing fanfic. But I never get to it. So this is my first step. Writing these titles down. I'll give more detailed descriptions later or I'll have a fanfic written instead.

If anyone wants to ask questions feel free to do so.

PS: I know these titles are terrible. They're working titles as Trixie would say.

Tagger of the Unknown
Teen AJ and Rarity argue in Home Ec draft part 1/2

This might not be completely canon compliant.

AJ is 14 and Rarity is 12 in this fic. They are both in at school in their home economics class.

AJ: Rarity, what's with you? I asked for some flour! We gotta make this apple pie for our home ec class!

Rarity: D-does it have to be a pie?

AJ: Well I guess not? Maybe cupcakes? Hasbrowns? Oh I see, you play hard to get, kid. Hayburgers! The most Equestrian of Equestrian cuisine in Equestri…

Rarity: I DON'T WANT TO MAKE ANY OF THAT PEASENT FOOD! If our goal is to make the best of the best food, then let us try something different, from this Prench cookbook…

Tagger of the Unknown
Teen AJ and Rarity argue in Home Ec draft part 2/2

AJ: That sounds like a great idea. she imitates a French accent Huh huh, this food that has fed my ancestors is too dumb! I must instead eat this icky discusting snails so I can look down on others.

Rarity: You're the one looking down on me! My goal is not to look down others but to elevate ponies from their barbaric initial state to become enlightened ladies and gentlemen.

AJ: You callin' mah family, barbarians?

That's a just little idea I had in my head.
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