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Making Love Out of Nothing At All


Nostalgia Purist
It was the day before Nightmare Night in Maretime Bay, and was Sunny, Hitch, Pipps, Zipp and Izzy. The sun were shining over Maretime Bay, as Sunny strolled through Maretime Bay on her strollers. The pomy was ending outside a very old house, and it was owned by an elder pony that suddenly had left moons ago ansd did not want to come back to her house.
“Hey, I want you to get away from here right now.” as a pony said as he came out.
Scootaloo had never been so busy with getting away, as she think she saw was alive too. Sunny lived in a house across where the lively house laid.
“Yeah, this haunted house is just old filly stories.” Sunny remembvered her father said ages ago.
Sunny and her fout friends had a Nightmare Night party that day. Later that night was the ponies waking up.
Scootaloo looked through the window to the old house. Suddenly was the shadow of a big wooden claw slashing after the pony.
“That was just a bad dream about that claw.” the pony as she woke up.
All the other fillies slept except for Hitch that was awake, as the pony sneaked downstairs to talk with Hitch about that house.
“This is what I heard last time about that old crazy pony across the street.” Hithc said to Sunny
“Not that I believe it, but I would not go over there for a visit.” Sunny said to Hitch.
“Ssomething really wrong in that house.” Hitch said to Sunny.
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