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Nostalgia Nerd
Chapter 1

This trumpet makes you my girl

Diamond Tiara she had her "cute-ceañera" party in Sugarcube Corner on a sunny spring day, and Applebloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle was there. Sugarcube Corner was filled with banners and more as usual by Pinkie Pie. Later was Applejack dancing with Pinkie Pie, as Applejack was ecstatic by being at the party. But Applejack she got tired of being in the crowd, as she wanted to go home.

"You feel tired! But I tink you also had one of your best parties ever!" Pinkie Pie told Applejack.

"Yup! And I think Applebloom is happy with her new friends!" Applejack told Pinkie Pie.

"I think you two could take a long walk, and enjoy this start of spring!" Twilight told Applejack and Pinkie Pie.

So then was Applejack and Pinkie Pie taking a walk in the forest by Sweet Apple Acres, as they took up in the hills by the farm.

"As I was younger and began to applebuck, was I also learning Rainbow Dash to applebuck!" Applejack told Pinkie Pie.

The two ponies wandered up on one of the highest hills, as they watched the distant mountains. Later that night, was Pinkie Pie ad Applejack sleeping in Applejack's tent in the forest. That next day, was Princess Celestia calling The Mane Six together in her garden. Applejack was so excited to meet the princess personal again, as they knew each other since the were fillies where Twilight had invited her up for a royal visit.

"I called you because I had a prophecy about my family, and few years ahead you will travel to their castle beyond the forest of Sweet Apple Acres!" Princess Celestia said to her friends.

"Hay, is that all?" Applejack asked Princess Celestia.

"Not yet, as I sensed a third alicorn and royal wedding too!" the princess told.

Twilight had read about the third alicorn, as Pinkie Pie looked forward to the wedding that the princess told would be one of the biggest events ever in Equestria. Later that day, was Princess Celestia showing books in her library about the royal family she had beyond the mountains.

Chapter 2

At the wedding tonight, she looks nicer than the bride

Part 2 of my own epic Season 2 ending.

The evening came, and The Mane Six went to the Royal Wedding with Shining Armor and Princess Cadence in the Ponyville church. There was the biggest crowd ever at a wedding in Canterlot, as they came from Trottingham and on. Someponies was from Manehattan, and others from Appleloosa. Then the ponies went to the middle of Ponyville that summernight, as the Prince and Princess said yes.

"Now that's a Royal party!" Pinkie Pie she shouted, as she saw the crowd and the decoration.

"Good evening your majesty!" Twilight she said to Shining Armor who introduced her friends.

The capital was decorated with flowers, confetti. Also flags, banners and more. In the meanwhile, was someponies dancing while Octavia and her orchestra they played on stage. Applejack was not good friends with the upperclass, but she got friends with both Fancypants and Fleur de Lis.

"Hey Applejack! I heard about you from Rainbow Dash, and you two had been friends since you both were fillies!" Fleur de Lis said to Applejack.

"Hello! So you're a friend of Rarity!" Applejack she said to the mare.

"Look! I think that mare and Applejack will begin a friendship!" Rarity said to her friends.

Applejack she was tired of the party and the crowd, so she followed with the mare over to a bridge to enjoy the view over the distant mountains while the moon was shining over Ponyville. The music it played in the distance, as the party went on late that night.

Nostalgia Purist

Discord and Spike was together in Ponyville who was decorated with balloons, streamers and banner for Hearts and Hooves Day the first saturday in March. Discord and Spike grabbed a creaking, big, red, shiny heart balloon from sundown until midnight in a dark and empty Ponyville park. Discord that rubbed himself under his legs for hours then felt how Spike rubbed the creaking, big, red, shiny heart balloon against his hot hard horns from sundown until midnight. After that was the lizard rubbing the horns on the snake with hovbes as Discord kissed, hugged and rubbed a big arch made of round balloons for hours until the morning.
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