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Nostalgia Purist
Fanfic sequel to 2011 GA Awards
Princess Celestia had opened a portal from the Golden Acorns Awards and to the ballroom in Canterlot in Equestria. A big crowd entered the ballroom while Pinkie Pie played records that spring night.

"This is my jam!" Pinkie Pie shouted while she played her music.

The crowd was dancing to the music and there was drinks, soda, cupcakes, bowls of punch and more. Pinkie Pie had decorated the ballroom with banners and confetti. Applejack served cakes and pies, Rarity and Spike danced together while Princess Celestia hanged around with Twilight. In the meanwhile was Rainbow Dash talking with the Wonderbolts and Fluttershy was gathering with the animals in the garden by the maze.

"Hey Princess Celestia it's nice to see you again!" Applejack said to Princess Celestia.

"Nice to see you again, and welcome to the Gala!" the princess said to the farmer pony.

"Yup and I thank you hosting another Gala for me and my friends!" Applejack told the princess.

Princess Celestia and Twilight showd their friends from the Cafe round in Canterlot. Later that night was Applejack meeting with Fluttershy in the Canterlot garden, and the two ponies befriended the animals. Applejack had helped Fluttershy with her animals in the zoo since they was fillies. Fluttershy were also helping Applejack under the Applebuck and Cider Seasons as younger. After Applejack and Fluttershy had talked with the animals where they both going back to the party. The two ponies got some cider and danced along to Pinkie Pie's music. Then the party went on till early in the morning where the last guests went home.
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