G5 pee desperation stories and arts

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Hey, I confess I like pee desperation stories and fanarts, but I wish I (and maybe some of you want) could have more G5 ponies needing to pee like we had some here on Derpibooru.
I know some of you can call me weird and creepy, but I know this is my fetish and I know some people like it too
Pixel Perfection - Hot Pockets Spotted

Exodus's lost flock
By desperation, do you mean where they don’t want to pee but they’re bladder’s ‘bout ready to burst or are you refering to the kind where they’re deliberately keeping themselves from going so their bladder gets full and they can get off from holding it for awhile/the relief of at last opening the flood gates?
Hoffmann MLP fan

Izzy Moonbow lover
It’s more like the 2nd option like they are busy doing something more important for examples: Sunny can’t pee for a while cause she needs to attend her many customers, Pipp can’t have a potty break during a concert, maybe Zipp needing to pee during a long ceremony of Zephyr Heights, etc (they can hold it all day/night so they finnaly can use a bathroom or make an excuse to pee quickly or pee somewhere outside).
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