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Fanfiction Scene Snippets


Tagger of the Unknown

Use this thread for making brief scenes if you have an idea for a scene in a fanfiction but don't quite yet want to make a whole fanfiction about it.

For example:

Twilight looked up at the tower and wondered what this dreaded Depsot of Pegasi is like.

"You worried Twi?" AJ put a hoof on her shoulder and smiled. "I've had to deal with Rainbow's red hot temper too many times. And I know that as long as you say the right words to pegasi, you'll be fine." She reassured her nervous friend.

Twilight started to stop shaking her legs.

"Let me do the talking Sugarcube, I have a knack for negotiations."

Feel free to comment on the these mini mini stories if you want.

This thread could be useful if you just want to throw an idea. Maybe you can even use a snippet to help you in writing a bigger fanfic.

Tagger of the Unknown
AJ: Rarity, you have the weirdest love interests. I get Blueblood. I mean he was a well defined in his looks I'll give you that. But why Tender Hooves!? Is this what you consider handsome?

Rarity: Darling, I like what is on the inside.

AJ: Of their wallets?

Rarity: No! Of their occupations! It's nice Blueblood was muscular but unlike you I am above physical looks, I look at their skills! This Tender Hooves has great skills in taste for instance!

AJ: First off I do not judge my looks! And you do realize your still only looking at their jobs not their personalities right? This will end up badly.

Tagger of the Unknown
Applebloom: You know girls I sometimes wonder, do you even care about cutie marks?

Scoots and SB: We do!

AB: I think not! I try to think of different Cutie Mark ideas and Scootaloo, you say babysitting would be too lame, and Sweetie, you say playing a drum isn't something you want to find.

Scootaloo: If you're implying we're lazy, we are not! We're simply trying to do something we enjoy! I don't even know if you enjoy seeking CMs!

AB: You don't get to choose your CM! Thats why we're doing a whole bunch of activities! This isn't a fairy tale world! Our talents are what we don't expect and maybe not want we want at first, but we have to deal with it!

Scootaloo: Wow totally inspirational speech.

SB: Come on guys let's calm down…

AB: Oh I forgot about you. Let me ask you. Do you even care Cutie Marks at all or are you just tagging along?

Scoots: Hey leave her alone.

AB: Stay out of this! I wanna hear from her own lips.

SB: Of course I do! I don't like being made of!

AB: But you have Scootaloo. You don't need a cutie mark, you have a good pal that will protect your delicate little hooves.

Scootaloo: Bloom, you…

AB: Fess up! You're just here to tag along aren't you, Sweetie Belle?! You just want some fun silly times with me and Scootaloo! All you do is have fun! But I'm always thinking what's next and what's next? While you are eating a popsicle. I'm thinking of actual ideas!

SB: Why can't it be both!? It's like you only became our friends for your goal! You don't care about us! When was the last time you've just decided to have fun with us going to the arcade or whatever?!

AB: I would be fine with that if you took this seriously! Are you really Rarity's sister!? She has ambition to go above and beyond with her fashion! She has to work every day while you're just thinking about what board game we'll play next!

SB: S s s stop it.

AB: I'm not just finding a Mark to stop getting bullied by Diamond. In fact at least with Diamond she doesn't let her riches from seeking out her ambitions! Unlike you!

Scootaloo: Applebloom, you better take that back.

Apple Bloom: In fact, I feel bad for your sister. Knowing that she produces the wealth for her family, that she had to work since she was our age for fashion buisness, starting from nothing, and you are profiting from her and doing nothing!

Sweetie: But but but…

AB: You're not her real sister you're probably not even related to…

Sweetie punches Apple Bloom with full force.

Sweetie grabs AB
Sweetie: You know nothing about my sister and me! She does love me! She might not be like your sister who you never listen to by the way, but to you all you think of, is yourself! Rarity is way deeper than you think and she would never want that of me! Because unlike you she actually does care! Don't you dare say you understand her!

Tagger of the Unknown
Rarity: Ignore my sister, dear Button Mash. She is simply spouting anti-gamer propaganda like how we are all pathetic basement dwellers with no life!

Button Mash: Yeah I spend all my days playing games in my room while eating cheetos with mayonnaise. Now that's living. Get it right folks!

Rarity: You're not helping darling.

Button Mash: Sorry.

Tagger of the Unknown
Twilight: Rarity, I have had enough of this! Blueblood will NEVER marry you. He is a noble—no, not just a noble, but one from one of the 20 original families who founded Canterlot! And you're a commoner! It will not happen! And I do not have time to waste in helping you with your childish delusions.

Tagger of the Unknown
Eqg Rarity at her house

Rarity: Oh Squidward, no one understands you! But I do! Perhaps I can fill your empty heart in. Perhaps I can be your one true…

Sweetie: Who are you talking to?

Rarity: NOTHING!! NOTHING!! It must have been your poor little stomach! I do not know what you are talking about!

Tagger of the Unknown
Eqg Rarity watching The Room

Rarity: JOHNNYYYYY! Lisa, you bitch! He was your knight in shining armor and you betrayed him!

Rainbow: Rarity, are you kidding me? How can you cry over this?

Rarity: How can you laugh? Do you not have any emotions!? This poor wanted nothing but bring joy to that cruel wretched world AND HE WAS BETRAYED BY THOSE HE LOVED!!
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