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Tagger of the Unknown
I would like to think of a way how each character could have their own powers.

Like AJ could be so powerful force fields would be useless against her Boop.

Or Rarity because she is a creative pony, could use some genjutsu like ability and she would use trickery and cunning to take advantage of opponents. I also kind of like the idea of her having vampire powers, like Alucard (I know nothing about him in the anime.).

Tagger of the Unknown
I'd like to see Rarity as having limited vampiric powers but not overpowered. Also I like the ability of her to use genjutsu. But her greatest skill would be in her cunning trickery.
Maybe she could have time ans space warping abilities or fight an opponent in another dimension.
Overall just give her other mystical otherworldly powers whereas Twilight's still powerful but more straighforward.

This song would be her battle theme: Nightwish-Planet Hell. This is the song that plays when she has to go all out to defeat an opponent of epic power.
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I have several ideas for both shrinking and HIE stories involving various MLP characters.
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Tagger of the Unknown
AU Rarity: A creative, elegant lady whose imagination and trickery can be deadly. Born in the slums of Fillydelphia, she had to learn to be smart. But she never considered herself like the rest of the criminals of Fillydelphia and through sheer will was able to move to Ponyville and become a fashion icon. But she hasn't forgotten. She hasn't forgotten how rough her life was and how corrupt Fillydeplia was or the rest of Equestria. And she hopes that her newfound money and influence can be stepping stone for a utopian Equestria.

Tagger of the Unknown
What if Rarity in an AU was the Element of Kindness? I think it would be interesting if Fluttershy was fused into the character of Rarity. Rarity would be snobbish, pretentious, slightly rude, insensitive while also being deeply sentimental, emotional and surprisingly understanding. I read about Romanticism and I think I want to write a Rarity that is much less about the buisness side, and more about the artistic side. Also her drama queen side is emphasized even more in which she would represent in contrast to Twilight, passion over reason. Unlike the original show she seeks approval from artists and her Prince Blueblood is instead a famous painter who she always looked up to. Also she is most left winged of the main characters dreaming of a new utopia. She thinks she is the reincarnation of Naponeon. And she will avenge Naponeon's defeat by reactionaries and she will become the new empress of a utopian empire.

Basically she would be a sophisticated lady but with wild unkindled passions.
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