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Dragonball Girlfriends
Is it possible to write a morally gray vampire? Or are they technically gray by default?
Like I imagine the only way a vampire can be morally pure is to just starve to death or only feed on animals, but say for example animals aren’t good enough sustenance.
Maybe vampires are default evil because they have to kill people to live and there is no way to be gray about it?
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I’m looking for a fanfic. There was fic about Rainbow Dash being rejected by the Wonderbolts and afterwards she takes out her anger on Scootaloo. It’s implied that she dies from these injuries. Anypony help me find this fic? And it’s reading on YouTube? I believe TheLostNarrator was involved with it.
>>152665 was the thumbnail.
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#004 Blizzard Cool
I’m trying to come with the name for a antagonistic entity/Force of nature that can summon monsters from various worlds through the use of cards.He can do this simply by existing.
Currently I’m looking for gambling or playing card related names.
Right now I’ve settled for ‘Ludo’
Any of ideas? :o
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reformation is the best
for anyone who knows the Victorian era what do they do during new year’s?
i ask because i don’t want the new year’s party to be in a location that was seen a lot already and i plan for the party to be in a park. but i want to ask just to make sure i’m accurate or the possibility of a party at night in a park for new year’s is possible so i can make a different location setting so it won’t be so repetitive.
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