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Thinking about writing a fic where Ambassador Spike is terrified of accidentally hurting somepony because he’s so big and strong.
Kind of like Superman.
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Emissary of Liberation
Once again, there’s an element in the story that I’m working on that I would like to get some outside input on.
One of the characters in my current story, named Edelweiss, is a Homunculus- at a point in the past, she transferred her soul into an artificial body and has been alive for several hundred years. This is pretty much set in stone, as one of the story’s arcs involves Edelweiss and the rest of the cast coming into conflict with an alchemist that she knew while she was still human, who managed to find a way to artificially extend his own life as well. What I’m trying to decide is if Edelweiss should be in the same artificial body for the whole time, or if she’s been through multiple bodies. Because depending on what option I choose, this changes elements of her backstory.
If Edelweiss has had multiple bodies, then she will have spent the last few centuries masquerading as her own descendants. This route would open its own decision: whether Edelweiss lived alone the whole time, or with a servant who’s also a Homunculus, but a very early prototype that’s basically non-sentient (though the servant would become increasingly sapient as it interacts with the rest of the cast).
If Edelweiss has had just one body, she’ll have spent the centuries disguised as a servant to her “descendants,” who are also homunculi she created, though ones that have become increasingly sophisticated with time, to the point of her newest model being effectively indistinguishable from an actual human.
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reformation is the best
you know since i’m planning for my characters to live on a land that is not a part of Equestria, i want there to be regular animals but also some unique animals like hydras and jackalopes for example
but i want to use creatures that are not used in mlp gen 4 so it can be still unique while probably still having creatures from equestria but only things like jackalopes
what creatures should i add (here are some environments i would add to the land)
swamp land
snowy mountains
what friendly creatures should i add and what not so friendly creatures should i add that are from mythology
hint (it can be any creature that is not just from greek mythology but something that would of naturally inhabited those environments and would have somehow lived in the land for many years since this land is an island continent
also just for fun, i added at least 3 so far
2 mysterious creatures not from the world where Equestria is (to add a bit of mystery) and one rare creature that can fly over to the land which is the bugbear
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