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Background Pony #E451
@Background Pony #82C5
The first one is where a portal of pure black and purple opens in the center of Ponyville

Out of the portal comes an army of nightmarish creatures led by these five

And this guy
Background Pony #E451
@Background Pony #82C5
The first one is
Defenders of the Everfree

In this one, Fluttershy finds four alicorns who are fused to different objects, plant, animal, or other. They are named Viney, Echo, Howler, and Blizzard.
Background Pony #E451
@Background Pony #82C5
Guardians of the Everfree

Within the depths of the Everfree forest live the 18 guardians and the Queen of the Everfree forest. These beings are tasked with protecting the sacred forest, and have been given special powers to do it.

When they are discovered, they must protect themselves and the forest while trying to prove that they are not the monsters Equestria believes them to be

Want to hear the names of the 18 guardians and the queen?
Background Pony #E451
@Background Pony #82C5
First one

Crimson colored pony head with bright orange eyes. Is hidden by flower petals, and has 250 tentacles attached to stem shaped body

Flower petals are rainbow colored

Can control plants
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