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@Background Pony #AFD5  
Detective Nyx: Origins  
Detective Nyx: The Ancient Temple  
Detective Nyx: Celestial Secret: A mysterious discovery leads Nyx to unlock The Celestial Secret  
Detective Nyx: The ghostly mansion: Nyx is brought to Manehattan to investigate a creepy mansion which has been claimed to be haunted  
Detective Nyx: The time portal: All 6 of the mane 6 get trapped in 6 different points in time, forcing Nyx to team up with the CMC  
Detective Nyx: The fallen Queen: Nyx starts noticing changelings near Ponyville and investigates their reason for being there  
Detective Nyx: The fallen Queen P2: After discovering Chrysalis in the Everfree, the mane 6 attempt to fight her. But Nyx knows Chrysalis’ true reason for being there. Can she convince her mother and her mother’s friends that Chrysalis isn’t the monster they thought she was  
Detective Nyx: The dimension projection: When a experiment gone wrong sends Nyx to an alternate Equestria, she must seek help from the dopplegangers of everypony she knows, including herself, to get back home.  
Detective Nyx: The eternal slumber: Nyx wakes up to find that everypony else in all of Equestria, excluding Luna, is in an eternal slumber. The two of them must travel through the dream realm to find the source of this at it’s center  
Detective Nyx:: Solar Spirit: While walking to Zecora’s hut in the Everfree forest, Nyx finds a lost filly named Solar Spirit(filly Daybreaker). Nyx takes her home and then soon discovers that she found her long-lost sister.  
Detective Nyx: Queen Galaxia: Nyx takes on her biggest challenge yet in this conclusion to S1 of Detective Nyx. She is summoned to Canterlot by Celestia and Luna to investigate something huge, and brings Celestia and Luna’s mother, Queen Galaxia, back to Equestria in the process.  
Detective Nyx: The Barren Wasteland  
While on one of her cases, Nyx accidentally breathes in chloroform. When she wakes up, she finds herself in a barren wasteland. Now she has to join forces with the (friendly)undead 6 and fight through the monsters of this world to find her way home  
(Not Fallout Equestria crossover)  
Detective Nyx: The wanted detective  
Nyx has been accused of a crime she didn’t commit, and the only creatures who believe her are Chrysalis and the changelings and Watcher. Now the they team up to prove Nyx’s innocence and find the real criminal, while avoiding capture from the Royal Guard  
Detective Nyx: The Kidnapped Showmare  
Trixie has been taken by somepony who has a grudge against her. Daydream alerts Nyx and trusts her to find her adoptive mother and bring her home.  
Detective Nyx: The Paper dimension  
While gaining more knowledge, Nyx finds a mysterious book and accidentally merges both the real and the papery versions of Equestria together. Now Nyx and Solar team up with their paper dopplegangers to restore Equestria  
Detective Nyx: The Legend of the Goddess  
During a break from work due to the lack of cases, Nyx finds an 12,000 year old ruin which depicts her as a future Goddess. At the same time, a fierce villain from that same time period returns. Now Nyx must gain the travel to six different temples scattered across Equus and collect the 12 diamonds, which contain 1/12 of the Goddess’s power and use those powers to stop the villain.  
Detective Nyx S2  
Detective Nyx: A new partner: When Nyx is brought to Las Pegasus to find out who stole 30,000 bits, Solar Spirit joins her as her partner  
Detective Nyx: The Cursed Crystals: While visiting Cadence, Shining, and Flurry in the Crystal Empire, the four of them find a patch of cursed crystals in the empire. Nyx is trusted with eliminating the cursed crystals, only to find a shocking secret about the Empire’s former ruler before King Sombra  
Detective Nyx: The missing changeling: A few of Chrysalis’ changelings visit Nyx to tell her that their Queen had gone missing. With her as the only one they truly trust, they task her with finding Chrysalis and bringing her home.  
Detective Nyx: The troubled spirit: When paranormal things begin occuring in Canterlot, she finds that the cause isn’t as menacing as she thinks.  
Detective Nyx: Spooky Slenderpony: After many ponies have gone to Nyx, too many in fact, claiming that they have seen Slenderpony, Nyx investigates the deepest darkest parts of the Everfree  
Detective Nyx: The missing magic: Strange things begin occuring in Ponyville, and each one is very familiar. Then Discord visits Nyx, asking her to find his magic. She accepts, only to make an unusual friend by the end.  
Detective Nyx: The stolen sunstone: Celestia and Luna meet with Nyx to tell her something very important. An artifact known as the Scorching Sunstone has been stolen from it’s place in the castle. Now Nyx must race against time to find the Scorching Sunstone and return it to the castle in Canterlot within 15 days, or the sun will explode, destroying Equus and everycreature and everything on it  
Detective Nyx: A pirate’s treasure: The band of Parrot Pirates enlist Nyx to help them find the most sacred treasure. Even the best treasure hunters in the world have been unable to find this treasure. Will Nyx be able to help the pirates find this treasure, and gain a major reward? Or will this treasure be lost forever?  
Detective Nyx: The enchanted stopwatch: Nyx receives a stopwatch inthe mail from an unknown sender. When she presses it, time stops except for her and the sender. She must find the sender of the stopwatch and undo the effects.  
Detective Nyx: The Wishing Stone: A mysterious stone, containing the ability to grant an unlimited amount of wishes, has appeared. At first, the Ponyvillians are joyful. But the stone also makes whoever wishes grow more and more corrupt for each wish. It’s up to Nyx to save her family and friends from the Wishing stone before it spreads to the rest of Equestria  
Detective Nyx: The Captured Captain  
Spitfire has been captured by the Shadowbolts right before the Wonderbolts’ most important show was scheduled. They hire Nyx to find her and bring her back.  
Detective Nyx: The Lost Emotions  
Nyx wakes up one morning to find that everypony has lost all of their emotions. Joy, anger, sadness, love, and more are gone, leaving nothing but blank slates.  
Now Nyx must journey through the Jungle of Monsters to find the Temple of Feelings and restore all of Equus’ emotions  
Detective Nyx: The Unseen Virus  
A new virus, which even the best medical equipment can’t detect, begins to spread across Equestria, preventing almost everypony from working. Nyx and Solar are the only pony that, due to her being born entirely from magic, is unaffected from the U-virus, so it’s up to her, along with Solar, to end this plague once and for all.  
Detective Nyx: The Secret Civilization P1  
While out investigating a sighting of a Spider-Pony sighting in the woods near the Kirin Village, Nyx finds a secret civilization of Spider-ponies, several dozen feet beneath the planet, unknown to everycreature else for several centuries  
Detective Nyx: The Secret Civilization P2  
After hearing about why the Spider-ponies have been hiding, she plans to talk to Celestia and Luna about allowing the Spider-ponies to visit Equestria from time to time  
Will she be able to convince the two sisters to allow her new friends to come out after hundreds of years of hiding  
Detective Nyx: The Secret Civilization P3  
After seeing how beautiful the Spider-Pony civilization is, Nyx decides to move herself and her business there to be with her new friends, and her sister decides to come with her. They will still visit their friends and family from time to time, but their new home is the Sparkling Glowstone City.  
Detective Nyx: The Backwards Dimension  
News of Nyx’s heroics started in Ponyville, then continued spreading outward. First the rest of Equestria, then the planet of Equus, then alternate dimensions all heard of Detective Nyx. Somepony from the backwards dimension came to inform Nyx that something valuable belonging to his family had been stolen and taken to her Equus.  
(Side Story)  
Nyx decides to set up am door like portal in her detective agency. With this new portal, creatures from other dimensions will be able to “knock” on the portal, which will activate a sign that tells Nyx which dimension the creature is coming from.
Background Pony #AFD5
@Background Pony #131D
I can’t help but think Firefly was the cooler older sister Rainbow always strived to outmatch.
And part of Rainbow’s bragging nature comes from being the younger sister to the more talented Firefly.
But maybe now Firefly has fallen on hard times and works a dead end job and Rainbow needs to help get her back on her feet.
And in addtion: @Background Pony #131D
Background Pony #4083
@Background Pony #AFD5  
Where Celestia attempts to create a sentient robot to become a assistant. But the robot(who named himself Destruct) refuses, and attempts to fight her.
Celestia almost destroys him, but he escaped, promising to return with a large army of robots to destroy ponykind, and then the other creatures after that
Background Pony #4083
@Background Pony #AFD5  
One idea is where a new alicorn filly arrives in Equestria, and that filly is literally the smash bros series in pony form(fighters, stages, bosses, items, you name it)
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