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Background Pony #4083
@Background Pony #AFD5
Another one is where a Goddess named Eternity puts herself into a deep sleep until after Nightmare Moon’s reformation.

Eternity, while not responsible for creating the mlp universe, is a true goddess, with power over all matter
Background Pony #4083
@Background Pony #AFD5
Another one is where Twilight is banished from Equestria for something she didn’t do and, after becoming the master of over 15 different elementals, forms her own kingdom with outcast hybrid ponies as citizens
Background Pony #4083
@Background Pony #AFD5
Well, I have a ton of different stories involving her.

One is where she receives a empty book with an infinite number of pages, and whatever she puts inside comes to life.

When she writes that she gains the powers of the book, her desire for more and more corrupts her, turning her into the tyrant queen Realiwarp
Background Pony #4083
@Background Pony #AFD5
The next one takes place in canon after The Last Problem. In this one, Fearless Explorer(unicorn daughter of Daring Do) willingly takes her place when Daring dies of old age
Background Pony #4083
@Background Pony #AFD5
The next one is where Nyx is betrayed by her friends and family.

In rage, she forms a team with all of the villains that exist/have existed in the MLP/Equestria girls universe, including the reformed ones
Background Pony #4083
@Background Pony #4083
Here’s the list of villains I’ll be using
Nightmare moon
Nightmare Rarity
Chrysalis and changelings
Sunset(ponified demon form)
Sirens(not human form)
Midnight sparkle(ponified)
Plunder seed vines
Evil Celestia
Evil Luna
The Umbra
Storm King
Pony of Shadows
Cozy glow
Mean 6
The living apple army
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