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Cool idea.
Now my idea is basically Ready Player One with ponies, mixed with Elysium and is a ponies on earth story.
Basically, imagine a world where Humans can go online via vr and humans can become their favorite MLP Character or cartoon character, where as ponies can become their favorite cartoon character.
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The Lost Sisters
@Background Pony #92BC  
When creatures from around Equestria and the neighboring kingdoms are experiencing terrible nightmares more horrifying than anything seen before, Luna calls the mane 6 to Canterlot for an important meeting
She has seen these nightmares before, and when they appeared last, the origin was a mysterious island in the middle of the enchanted ocean known as creepypasta island
Here, hundreds of different entities lurk in the menacing shadows of this island. Only one who is truly fearless can survive this nightmarish place
Background Pony #92BC
That’s a interesting idea.
Now for my idea:  
Twilight finds herself going thru various timelines, trying to catch a enemy… Her evil self, Midnight Sparkle.  
This would basically be a time travel story, with some Interstellar aspects.
Background Pony #DB6A
Not that i know of.  
Also, got another idea:
A multiverse is slowy emerging and with it, new baddies. Twilight Sparkle and her friends decide to journey to the center of Equus and partner with new friends along the way.
Background Pony #DB6A
Tbf, I think we should only share ideas on here, but if you want, you can make a new thread under general.
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