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Fanfic Writing General

Background Pony #58B7
But i mostly wanted to see if you were on.
And you are.
I plan on waiting until later to tell you my ideas, so.
Background Pony #58B7
Here i go.
Twilight is a avid hoof to hoof fighter, though she rarely goes hoof to hoof.
Rarity does have some OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).
Some ponies have disorders that affect their growing (Cozy for example, is a midget. Tempest is pretty tall for a pony, though this is in part due to all the magic moving from her horn to her body).
Background Pony #58B7
Some More:
Ponies tend to vary in height.
The Ford Mustang is mostly popular for Ponies.
Pinkie Pie, along with the M6, can switch between Pony form and Human form.
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