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Background Pony #54FA
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Starlight’s decision
After hearing from Spike about his neglectance and abuse from Twilight and her friends, Starlight brings this to Celestia and Luna, telling them that she is willing to become Spike’s new caretaker, as she has treated Spike better than they had. Because of her kindness and purity, she becomes a true alicorn, not like any of the Equestrian alicorns.
After revealing this to Twilight and her friends, Starlight quits as Twilight’s student and, based on Spike’s wishes, plans to move out of Equestria with him to a new place.
Starlight and Spike travel until they find an empire of dozens of floating islands called Cosmic Jewel, ruled by Queen Galaxia.
Background Pony #54FA
@Background Pony #82C5  
Starlight: Alicorn of Purity
Coat is white and pale yellow, wings are like the sunset, with medium orange at tips, purple(between dark purple and medium purple)at middle, and and pink(between medium pink and light pink)at base, mane and tail are both light pink with light blue stripes, and cutie mark is a large pink heart with dragon wings and and a alicorn horn. Magic field is now light green
Background Pony #54FA
@Background Pony #82C5  
The reverse world
Moonshine gets sucked through a portal to an opposite world, where everycreatures personalities are reversed. While there, she meets her doppleganger, Darkmist
Background Pony #54FA
@Background Pony #82C5  
The eternal storm
In the middle of nowhere, a large unusually colored storm appears and begins to spread across Equus. But this storm is different from all other storms
Instead of rain or snow, this storm drops giant food
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