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Background Pony #9E67
@Background Pony #AFD5  
Union of Order and chaos
The mane 6 are called by 6 other ponies known the elements of disharmony. They tell them that true harmony is where order and chaos work side by side, and that one can’t exist without the other.
Celestia and Luna detest this, and has them banished from Equestria. The elements of order and chaos, now known as the Heroines of Harmony, create their own kingdom named Harmonia, and begin to show true harmony throughout the world, expanding their kingdom, and ascending to become true alicorns, which Equestrian alicorns have not acheived.
Background Pony #7A63
And a prompt: RD and Firefly lead a intergalactic football team to the championship.  
Background Pony #9E67
@Background Pony #AFD5  
And next is their appearances  
Lightning split: Alternate Rainbow dash, but with dark grey coat, light grey wings, grass-green eyes, storm cutie mark, and electrified lightning-yellow mane and tail.
Shifter: Alternate Pinkie, but with orange coat, cutie mark of upside down oddly colored balloons, violet eyes, and sunny-yellow mane and tail
Spirit shield: Alternate Fluttershy, but with light pink coat and wings, bright rose-red eyes, medium green mane and tail, and several green + signs with a pink heart behind them
Sunrise flower: Alternate Rarity, but with a dandelion-yellow coat, sunrise-colored mane and tail, medium pink eyes, and a cutie mark of a flower depicting a sunrise
Flamewalker: Alternate Applejack, but with a birch-brown coat, lava-colored eyes, fiery colored mane and tail, and a cutie mark of a campfire
Rainbow Soul: Alternate Twilight, but with a rainbow coat, soul-colored mane and tail, and a cutie mark of a 5 rainbow colored spirits
Background Pony #9E67
@Background Pony #AFD5  
The ultimate being of true harmony only happens when the 6 elements of order and the 6 elements of chaos unite together.
When they do, they create Core Spark: alicorn of true harmony. A alicorn designed to represent the union of chaos and order, and the most powerful alicorn in all of time.
Background Pony #9E67
@Background Pony #AFD5  
The mane and tail are composed of organized stripes of color from the individual manes and tails, while the coat is a chaotic mix of random colors from the individual coats, the cutie mark has two spheres, one representing order and the other representing chaos. And one eye is rainbow colored, while the other eye is reverse rainbow colored.
And her magic field is constantly switching between orderly and chaotic
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