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Background Pony #4083
@Background Pony #AFD5  
Another one is where Nyx is helping clean up around Zecora’s hut after a storm, and accidentally falls down to the center of Equus, where she finds many dangers such as acid lakes, pony eating plants, giant insects, but also a army of 100 million friendly dragon-sized butterflies, who can breathe fire and are immune to any kind of death, disease, and attacks, who help her get back to the surface with 100,000 carriage sized bags full of billions of ancient coins.
Each coin is also worth 100 million bits, making her richer than Celestia
With all those bits, she has a castle which is larger than the mountain that Canterlot sits on built in Ponyville for her and the butterflies
Background Pony #4083
@Background Pony #AFD5  
Nyx is already a teenager in this story, and, as I, being the creator of the story, am able to control everything.
And I choose to not make Nyx become greedy with the coins
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