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Random woman: OMG, are you British?

Rarity: I beg your pardon?

Random woman: I love your accent! You sound so posh and British! How is it in England!

Rarity: First of all, thank you for the compliment. But I am not from Britian, I am a fullbred American!

Random woman: But you're too posh for that!

Rarity: Are you implying Americans cannot be sophisticated?

Random woman: Well it's just to be American you gotta be more uh into rodeo or football. They normally are not so hoity toity and...

Rarity: Enough! Those have nothing to do with being an American! I am a real American who chases the American Dream every day of my life. My voice I had to teach myself from watching old movies! I had to sell lemonade! I had to work long hours to get enough money for my buisness! And now I have been rewarded for my hard work! That is what it means to be American! If anything you act more like a medieval European peasent who accepts their lowly status! Go home and improve yourself so you call yourself a true American!

I like to think Rarity if she were real would actually be a proud American (although she would identify with the Boston or New York elite, while also having pride in her rags to riches story)
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