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A snippet of an idea I had for Zipp and Rainbow interacting:

Rainbow: Come on kid. You gotta say it.
Zipp: Look I think you're really cool, but what you want me to say is so corny and lame.
Rainbow: I think you meant totally badass!
Zipp: Yeah if I were 6.
Rainbow: Fine, maybe I'll find a new pegasus to take under my wing. I'll have Pipp be my new cadet.
Zipp: Ugh fine. Welcome to the New Wonderbolts, just like before, only 200% More Awesomely Radical!
*fans applaud*
Rainbow: See that's how you get attention of everypony! I came up with that myself! Impressive I know! Now I gotta teach you how to do my signature victory dance moves.
Zipp: *Sigh*. And this is the pony who made the first Sonic Rainboom.
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