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Solar Guardian - Refused to surrender in the face of the Lunar rebellion and showed utmost loyalty to the Solar Empire (April Fools 2023).
Crystal Roseluck - Had their OC in the 2023 Derpibooru Collab.

I’m Serial Des N!
April 10th, racing with Scootaloo and the CMC
Scootaloo has expressed interest in driving for FarMS. So we decided to add an extra branch that races virtually in iRacing. The CMC put themselves against me, Star Flame, and RD. Apple Bloom raced against Rainbow Dash, Star Flame had Sweetie Belle, and I got Scootaloo, somehow. RD beat my little sister, Star beat out Sweetie Belle, but by the grace of goodness Scootaloo beat me. And we were both trying. Raced our guts out. It came down to a last lap pass and she got it. She would go on to finish 2nd behind RD, Star 3rd.
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