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Tagger of the Unknown
This will be where I post my fanfic ideas and prompts and simply to brainstorm ideas.

Feel free to share your thoughts on my ideas if you wish.

I'll probably transfer many of these posts to Fimfiction's blogs eventually but I do like this place for its more casual freeform feel.

Tagger of the Unknown

Twilight asks Rarity a favor: tell Spike that he should get over his crush with her.

Rarity says she would rather die than do that. But why? Is it because she's wants to protect his feelings or is there something more?

Tagger of the Unknown

A rough prompt for The Will of the Dreamer

Rarity: I would never tell someone to give up on their dreams even if people consider it to be unrealistic.

I am not sorry for as you say "leading Spike on". Because what has it caused? Passion! It is true I am hard on Spike, but what I had did when I was a filly was ten times what Spike has ever done.

I relate to Spike, darling. I remember when I was a child, a poor child with terrible clothes, my teacher talked about the story of a peasent and her crystal slipper. It was from that moment on that I decided I would marry a prince. Everyone laughed at me and teased for such a dream. But I kept on going!

Twilight: But didn't Blueblood reject you? Doesn't that prove you wrong?

Rarity: Partly. It taught me not expect to things to always go your way. Sometimes there isn't a happy ending. Honestly I'm over trying to find a literal prince. But I do not regret that I actually tried. Not one bit. And it could've happened if circumstances were different.

Twilight: Wait so with Spike what youre saying is you think Spike has a chance with you?

Rarity: Yes darling. I'm the princess of this story. Spike is the beggar trying seek the favor of a princess. Will he succeed in wooing me? Likely not. But then again who would've thought that a former lower class unicorn could become a fashion designer. I don't have noble blood, but I believe everyone has the right to seek glory!

What I'm saying is that instead of me trying to say to Spike that it's impossible, instead I use this as an oppurtunity to improve himself! I taught him so much about appreciating art and he has about his comic books and manga. And we have taught each other wisdom.

And all because of a dream, to woo the princess. And for me to woo a prince. But even if we do not fulfill our dreams the adventure has been more than worth it.

And who knows maybe just maybe when Spike grows up he will be a handsome dragon and maybe he will win my heart. Maybe, maybe not, but I am far more interested in the journey.

As the element generosity, I want to give Spike the greatest thing of all. A dream.

This is a really rough draft but I want to make a fanfiction out of this idea. I think that Spike and Rarity's relationship whether romantic or not, has a lot of potential. I like to think of Rarity and Spike as being similar in that they both wanted to seek someone out of their league. And how Rarity might actually respects Spike for that even if normal people would laugh at it.
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