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I’m talking about stuff like Fallout Equestria or whatever fanfics involve Nyx. I’d like to have some fanfic recomendations here. And maybe this thread can be a place of nostalgia. And reminscing about ancient MLP fanfics.
So any really old fanfics like from 2011 or just any iconic fanfics revered by the brony fandom?
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Fallout Equestria is one of the standards for great fanfics in the fandom. A must read for sure. Past Sins (the first fic featuring Nyx) is a great read as well. If you want a good and creepy read, Rainbow Factory is a good read as well.
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Anything from the Pony Fiction Vault  
Some personal favourites include Fire Spores, Yours Truly, Under A Luminous Sky and Romance Reports
BronyCon 2019 also had a panel/vote thing about The Greatest Fanfic Of All Time (or something like it), which also includes some more recent fics. Just ignore the competitive aspect of it and look up some of the stories in there (sorry, I don’t have a list somewhere). At the very least, consider The Enchanted Library
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*Hard Reset * by Eakin is one of my all time favorites. It’s a Live, Die, Repeat-style story that does a great job examining the consequences of a time loop. While it occassionally gets dark, it never relies on grimdark and canon defilement, and is peppered with a lot of funny and triumphant moments. It has two sequels that are very different stories but are also very good.
In *Naked Singularity * by Cold in Gardez, Twilight attempts to write a romance story while her friends struggle to give her constructive criticism. It’s as funny as it sounds, but it’s also such a tightly written story that it feels like a plot that wouldn’t be out of place in an animated sitcom like Golden Age Simpsons.

Definitely read Appledashery. It’s about Rainbow Dash trying to work up the courage to admit her feelings for Applejack. It has a mix of many genres like romance, adventure, and comedy but it’s very long and a bit depressing at some parts. Despite all that it’s still one of the best fics I’ve ever read and I would recommend it to everyone. I give Appledashery a 10/10 knee slaps. Also, it has a sequel.
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There’s an amazing author named Dromicosuchus who only has two fics, but they are must reads. I am recommending Mendacity. Bon Bon is a changeling, and it never feels cliched.
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Outside of those mentioned, all from 2012 or so:  
University Days (one of the original vinyltavia shipfics)  
Antipodes (a rather forgotten early au adventure fic that competes with modern staples)  
A change of face (short and sweet, early bon bon is changeling story)  
Upheaval: Breaking Point (this is a longer series with at least 2 sequels, but an amazing AU)  
Austraeoh (The longest series on the fucking planet, but dear god is it good. Read this adventure AU only if you don’t mind losing your life and never being able to read another fanfic again without having to shelve this.)
Never read but IK are popular:  
On a Cross and Arrow (the fic famous for popularizing the genderswaps),  
Shipping and Handling (p1k made a great song about it too!),  
My Roommate is a Vampire (very popular early vinyltavia shipfic and possible origin of vinyl’s red eyes)  
Allegrezza (Same as above)
Heard good things, idk the premise. Still classics:  
Stairway to Equestria  
Project: Sunflower  
Lost Cities
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