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*Chef kisses*

I did enjoy this fic daiary momentum from Eclipse. Very refreshing for your first time, Dear Twiny.
Bravo! ✌︎(•w•)✌︎

It’s a good thing she is having her day off, hope she get's back her transfer.
She was venting indeed. Dx lol
Is "spiel" a typo or I’m getting German Eclipse vibes? O.o'
Lightpoint was spot on, good job. XD

Now, everything is really good, this reminds me those old day fics I used to encounter.

Now the grammar, for a better experience on behalf of every reader, you should use spelling marks to emphatic better the emotions that you’re portraying in the story telling.
Overall, it’s great but if you’re aiming for ongoing ficanfiction, you should consider the marks. =D
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