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NLR's "Dad"
Another excerpt

~~I'll be writing these in parchment or paper, as now clay tablets are not suitable.*

*I answere
d the summons and went to the Night Court's headquarters, I didn't recognized anypone there. I also didn't saw any of our kind, I wonder if coming was foolish and they're staying out of the conflict and general sight; I refuse to think it's just me because I'm the last one.*

*Alas, the recalled veterans are ex
pected to serve as officers of ad-hoc squads; mine was dubbed "Night Terrors", a quite funny name if you ask me. Two of them caught my attention: one was a unusually tall mare that seemed to be recovering from injuries on her legs or so the bandages told me, a great start. The other had a weird scent to her... and had a horn on her forehead; have been isolated for so long that I didn't knew such bat ponies existed? Or perhaps it's something else entirely, since I didn't caught another pony with a similar scent in there.*

*The 5 ponies seemed excited and greeted each other. I did what I normally do
D: stay in the shadows and observe, I don't want to get attached to them.*~~
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