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Please read until the end to know that I’m serious and not trolling, or just skip ahead
I shall admit, I was still in the process of debating to myself even if Fluttershy and Hitch were related, but then I realized… Yeah, they are.
And so is Hitch related to Sprout
Sprout is related to Starlight Glimmer
Starlight Glimmer is related to Fluttershy
Fluttershy is related to Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash is related to Mayor Mare
Mayor Mare is related to Tempest Shadow
Tempest Shadow is related to Clover the Clever
And Clover the Clever is related to King Sombra-

Do you see where I’m getting at? No? Basically it’s the same thing for people on Earth; every single person on our planet is related through some strange DNA FRACTION of our ancestors.
Our earliest ancestors are the only ones not related to anyone due to them being Origin of Man or MLP the Origin of Pony.
It is nasty to date your sibling, cousin, parent, grandparent, children, grand children, and so on and so fourth.
After a certain while however there is not quite anything to remotely be concerned about. We are technically dating our Third Cousin Twice Removed Grandparents Great to the Squared Value Aunt/Uncle.
In the end it doesn’t matter at all, especially seeing how drastically different Hitch looks from his supposed ancestor. If Izzy truly is Pinkie’s Descendant then you can clearly see like Hitch how much their appearance changed.
Is it fair to say that those unicorns are related to Pinkie Pie and earth ponies to fluttershy?
Absolutely. Yes. There is not a single pony who isn’t related in Equestria and beyond it.
So, unless Hitch time traveled into the future and was the secret child of Fluttershy’s parents then I don’t think he is dangerous to date. His ancestors may even lead to Applejack (who is still related to everypony like I said).
So anyways that’s my two cents. They’re related, but you have to DIG to find their connection despite it being right in front, behind, and to the side of you because everyone is related.
(I’m not even talking about the Bible, I’m talking about science and common sense in genetics)
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