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Dashcam Part 1
Some ponies behind the hills where Applejack lived were missing, as they entered a forest where the witch Hydia was told to come back.
So Applejack and her friends they took to the forest, as Spike he had taken a cam with him.
At first they asked the ponies in Ponyville about Hydia, who still should be alive.
“It’s just a legend! did some say.
“Don’t go in there!” was another pony saying.
But the ponies was going to the forest, as it was a quiet and sunny summer evening in august.
No one was in sight, as they entered the forest.
It was like somebody shouted from afar, as the ponies wandered deeper into the forest.
“Is there anypony here?” was Spike shouting.
“I take a look from up here!” did Rainbow Dash say.
But none replied, as they later in found out that Rainbow Dash had not returned.
To be continued.
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