A rp i made, but in the form of a fanfic.

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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Twilight is best pony.
(This was done because confusion on the actual rp led to a few arguments.)
As Falco woke up in the deep forest, he groaned.
"AAUUgghh… Where am I?"
"Hmm… Last time i checked it wasn't Kansas." the unknown voice said in the distance
Falco: WHO'S THAT?!?!
Voice: Oh idk ur high school gym teacher…
at this moment, a rabbit pops out from beneath a rock.
Rabbit: Hi there!
Falco: uhh… hi???
Rabbit: Follow me!
While he followed the rabbit, he ran too fast and was stuck in a giant puddle of mud!
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Twilight is best pony.
Suddenly, another rabbit popped up known as the Boneclones Space Rabbit. At this moment, falco was trying to get out as fast as he could, but to no avail as his wings were cluttered with mud. Suddenly, the floor pulled out from beneath him and he was falling to his doom. "But FalcoDash107! What if he just flew out?" you say. Well, his wings… still clogged with mud… Lucky for him, a pony named Angel was flying over all this chaos and saw Falco falling to his eventual death. She swooped down into the hole to grab him and gripped him by his tail. But then something bad happened. Angel had run out of magic and lost her powers. See, for Angel to use her powers, she has to be all charged up with magic. So when she loses her magic, she loses her powers.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Twilight is best pony.
(heya there, I'm back! i had a road trip and couldn't visit derpi to keep working on my fanfic. i also pretty much forgot about it till this week. but falco's back! :D)

Angel and Falco were falling to their doom, with no visible way out. Then, they suddenly hit the ground and passed out. After what seemed like days, they woke up with a moan.

"ugghhh…" said Falco.
"where are we?"
Angel: "i don't know.."
Falco: "Might as well try to escape this cave."
Suddenly, a large beam of magic radiated through the cave.
Both: "What was that?!"
They heard clapping coming from a wall.
Falco: "Is it just me, or are there people inside that wall?"
Pony in wall: "You are the Chosen Ones."
Angel: "Chosen WHATS?!"
Out of nowhere, they found themselves being pulled into the walls by a pair of hooves, and the next thing they knew, they were inside a bunker of some sort. Keypads were in every place, and all said, "Please enter password." every 5 seconds. Many paths were before their eyes, all of them with lights everywhere.
Angel: Who are the Chosen Ones in the first place?
Pony: Let me explain.
Long ago, there was a war between Equestria and Verixal.
Falco: What's a Verixal?!
Pony: It was a country of evil, dark things.
One day, the forces of Ponyville decided to attack against Verixal in fear that the entirety of Equestria would be brought to ruins by them. But they didn't give up, and instead striked back. Both countries were attacking each other in fear the other would win and their country would die. But one day, Verixal had enough and decided to end the Great Equestrian War once and for all. The leader of the evil forces, Discord the 2nd, decided to, while everyone was asleep, kidnap the Mane 6 and take them to his lair. Once they were there, he brainwashed them into joining the evil side of the War. Then, he ordered them to kidnap all the other ponies and make them evil. We, however, retreated to these caves and made these bunkers to be safe from Discord the 2nd. One day, I decided to go outside and see what happened. It was a horrible sight: buildings in ruin, the throne of Luna reduced to debris, massive craters every ten millimeters.
Falco: Wow, super sad. But anyway, why'd I wake up in the forest?
Pony: The thing is, during the biggest heat of the War, we tried to save as much people as we could. That included you. You were fending off the enemies and taking down every Verixal operative you saw. We brought you to the middle of the forest. Then we saw you, passing out. We knew that with all your bravery, you deserved to be the chosen one.
Angel: But why am I the chosen one too?
Pony: Because of your importance to this world. Without you, we wouldn't have ended Discord's reign as the bad guy for good.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Twilight is best pony.
Pony: Follow me.
Angel: Where are we going?
Pony: I'll tell you later.
They followed her into a dark, deep path.
Falco: So what's your name?
Pony: Galactix.
Angel: Um Falco, we should probably go now. My suspicion meters are going through the roof.
Ignoring her, Falco was running down the hall…
But there was one thing nobody realized. A sign on the ceiling. It read, "CAUTION. DANGEROUS LEVELS OF RADIATION. MAKE SURE PROTECTIVE GEAR IS EQUIPPED."
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Twilight is best pony.
Galactix: We're heeeere!
The door slams shut, leaving only darkness.
Falco: I can't see. Will somebody turn on a light?
One by one, all the lights turn on.
Then, both of them gasped in shock. A giant nuclear reactor loomed over them.
Galactix pushed some buttons on a computer, and the machine buzzed and whirred to life.
Angel: Itoldyouso
They were grabbed by the head by some big and fat henchmen.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Twilight is best pony.
Galactix: Well.. about time I told you the truth.. heheheheh…
G: Guess what? Yep, WE are the Verixal operatives. We knew that if we made up some fancy story, you'd fall for it, and right into my trap!
Angel: What?! You can't do that!
Galactix: Says who? The cops? Oh, and by the way, that war we talked about NEVER HAPPENED. All we did was knock you out, drop you in the forest, and erase your memory of it. We staged everything, the rabbit, the hole, the secret cave, all for this amazing moment.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Twilight is best pony.
So, any of you might be wondering "what does Galactix look like!?!"
And, here it is:
Edit: Could'nt get it to display a preview of the DA image, so just put in the link.
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