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Uploader Discussion

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Blocking someone
Posted by Jmiles90
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changing an uploaded image with something else
Posted by Nightmare Fuel
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These type of pics should banned in favor of Forums (New rule request)
Posted by RSC24ID
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Notification about breaking rules
Posted by VillainShima
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Change Artist Tag
Posted by ShepardInTheSky
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Fine Arts Badge Problem
Posted by MellowinsomeYellow
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sorry, wrong forum
Posted by Amethyst_Crystal
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Warning: Tumblr randomly serving JPEGs instead of PNGs
Posted by LostPone
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Upcoming changes to PNG image support on Twitter (aka Twitter killed high quality art)
Posted by Yoshimon1
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put your tumblr archives here
Posted by furrypony
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Requesting a Merge of Two Uploads
Posted by MMFAN
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guide to Tumblr grabbing tools (I update this as much as I can)
Posted by furrypony
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What to do with the archives
Posted by furrypony
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Old uploaded anon post
Posted by End Credicts
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Looking for image
Posted by Deadname9847
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video length
Posted by ma3a
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Resolution of Twitter images
Posted by Markiz93
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Preferred way to reduce file size?
Posted by Litrojia
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Video uploading by link?
Posted by DelXin27
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How i change my upload?
Posted by gavan95
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Thumbnail/image disappeared?
Posted by Background Pony #A244
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Uploading references to MLP from a game
Posted by Binkyt11
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Question for mods: Uploading newer versions of pics?
Posted by anontypesetter
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Posted by cheezedoodle
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Another artist is try to calm ownership over image that have few Identicle features .
Posted by Paddy sparkle
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