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Uploader Discussion

To share uploading resources, tips, and discuss general uploading and related topics. This is not a support forum - please ask for support in "Site and Policy". Subscribe
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Removing link on my userpage.
Posted by TheIronWolf45
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Original art piece is split into parts on Twitter?
Posted by Binkyt11
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2019-20 NFL Season playoff pictures gone
Posted by PrincessEmber2020
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remove pls
Posted by ShepardInTheSky
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Can an uploader take down their own upload?
Posted by MellowinsomeYellow
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Help with profile
Posted by ShepardInTheSky
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Ghost Upload (its there but actually not?)
Posted by DownHeavyUploader
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Making photos anon all at once
Posted by Apex Soundwave
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Dealing with artist edit problems before uploading
Posted by Beta Minion
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GIF resize error
Posted by FredMSloniker
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Merge the old image into new one
Posted by Melisareb
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i get have double post.
Posted by Paddy sparkle
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My image was wrongfully taken down
Posted by Brony T
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Error loading image
Posted by MiseriaArt
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Could someone finish uploading this dA artist's work? (I've been stymied)
Posted by JustForUploading
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Any way to find out the fate of an image you uploaded that vanished?
Posted by PUBLIQclopAccountant
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How long WebMs of screencaps with official sound can be now?
Posted by Background Pony #7E3E
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Blank APNG when it should not be blank
Posted by Sasha-Flyer
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Size and quality when uploading from Deviantart
Posted by Urist McUnicorn
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How to check Webm file dimension/resolution before upload?
Posted by Background Pony #BDA2
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Is this already uploaded?
Posted by FredMSloniker
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i uploaded the wrong image
Posted by Echo Bounce
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Problems uploading
Posted by TB Tabby
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"This image has been uploaded before" even though it hasn't been uploaded
Posted by MellowinsomeYellow
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How do I upload a WebM?
Posted by MellowinsomeYellow
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