Question for mods: Uploading newer versions of pics?

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Sorry guys, I know it’s been a couple of years of absence – (lots of work, lots of real life, yadda yadda)
Anyways, We, at Retired Pyramid Head Scanlations, are finally working on Shepherd’s fourth fanbook (which came out way back in 2014), but it contains some 4komas that I had already posted in the past.
This time, I got even higher res PSD files to work from, so I’ve remastered the duplicate pages (including changing the translation a bit), but I’m afraid they could still be flagged as duplicates. (That happened once when I uploaded one of the Sung&Ama djs).
Is there a way to avoid that? Like I said, I’d be posting new “remastered” versions of the 4komas.
Was hoping to upload the fanbook this weekend but I fell behind in the lettering, my proofreader is out on vacation and tomorrow I’m gonna spend half the day watching the F1 Monaco GP and the Indy 500, so it’s probably gonna be ready till next weekend! :V
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You can self report duplicates with explanations, so they appear directly in the queue used to manage duplicate images. The system flags things automatically, but they’re still managed by fleshlings before any action is taken.
Also, wb!
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