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i try report a dub image but got rejuct

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@Paddy sparkle  
Link it like this:
For example, if the URL is “”, the ‘id’ is 2486148, so, if you type:
then it’s a link to the image, and looks like this:
That way, people can look at it. And if they have it filtered, it will be filtered so they will get a warning or a spoiler if it’s something they normally would filter.
Alternatively, you can report the image you tried to report for reason of “other” and in the text field say you want to know why the duplicate was rejected.
Or you can go to the Support channel on Discord (the link is on the Contact page, under the Community column in the footer of the site).
Also, just because people seem to keep missing this fact, This is not a support forum. In all honestly, I think I’m the only staff member who has this thread subscribed any more, and I’m not on staff right now, so I can’t even help you.
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I took a look at your duplicate report. The difference between the two images is indeed very slight, but it is there. NSFW ahead: >>2486096 is meant to show her with a wet diaper, and >>2486085 is not. The color of her diaper is slightly darker in one version than the other. The uploader alluded to this in the tagging and descriptions of each image.
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