How can you find out which art is disappearing?


Stygian adorer
Hey sorry if this is the wrong place to put this, but this is something I've had a bothering feeling about.
Recently the tag count for Stygian hit 700, cause I watch it since he's one of my favorite characters.
But days ago it dropped to 697, which confused me.
And just now it's dropped to 694! I mean, something is happening. People are probably asking for their images to get taken off the site, but what bugs me is that I don't know which images are disappearing. Looking at the tag changes for his tag doesn't show anything useful, and I don't think there's an easily accessable subpage that shows something like that. Is this something I can find out if I wanted?
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If you're tech savy, you can use the API to get a list of all the images with a specific tag every day.
And then you can just diff these to find out what changed.
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