Found higher res of existing image, but can't upload

Artist -

So pretty much the title, i get following error:
This image has been uploaded before, sorry!
Picture in question is >>1572678  
Source higher res:
I get there are lots of optimization stuff going on in the background to keep everything smooth, though a simple resolution comparison would fix the issue, which shouldn’t be that taxing in addition to the match-finding that is already going on.
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Unsure what was going on; an outright block like that only happens if the image hash is identical, so at some point we either had the large image and it was replaced (can’t find a report to explain that), or Tumblr did something weird.
(original image updated now; is preferred way to handle tumblr_raw shenanigans)
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I’m having a similar issue from the same artist, or was when I tried to upload a few days ago.
Picture in question: >>1569822  
Full res from source
@The Smiling Pony  
(original image updated now; is preferred way to handle tumblr_raw shenanigans)
How should regular users go about this? Just by making a post about it in a thread, as opposed to reupload/merge?
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