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Can an uploader take down their own upload?

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Generally, deletion requests are only honored if they come from the original artist. We typically to not delete images at the uploader's request unless the uploader is also the artist.

We can always anonymize an upload though, so that you no longer would show as the uploader and it wouldn't appear on your profile anymore. You can request that by reporting an image with the "other" reason. We generally honor such requests so long as you're not abusing them.

Generally, the artist of the image is the owner of it. Even if it's a commission, or an image of someone's OC, copyright law dictates that ownership of the image normally remains with the artist unless there was a specific agreement to transfer ownership or the image was created under employment. That is an extremely rare occurrence. I've only seen such requests maybe 3-4 times in the 5+ years I've been moderating this website.

Also, OP was talking about if they were the uploader, not the artist. Please allow site staff to answer these questions as our deletion policies are surprisingly complex, and can vary based on context/situation.
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