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Pretty sure "/s4s/" should be aliased to "[s4s]"
Posted by HeartLinda
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"maga" should be aliased to "make america great again"
Posted by HeartLinda
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Twilight's Castle should be aliased to Castle of Friendship
Posted by Zharkaer
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"Sunset yells at twilight" should imply "twilight sparkle"
Posted by ZONESS
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'impossibly large nipples' should imply 'nipples'
Posted by saby
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Saggy Breasts Aliased to Saggy
Posted by Vinyl Fluff
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Character name "Whizzer"
Posted by Background Pony #A517
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'cap backwards' should be aliased into 'backwards ballcap'
Posted by Solitude
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[vulgar] 'wtf is this [yay]' should be aliased to 'wtf'
Posted by Solitude
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Should 'playpony' imply 'playboy'?
Posted by Background Pony #712C
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"Wheelpone" and the "original species" implication
Posted by Badumsquish
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A tag for Starlight Glimmer's old mane?
Posted by LightningBolt
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OP wants downvotes
Posted by Watermelon Changeling
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Alias Burglar to thief
Posted by Soarinjack
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Ambiguous penetration tag?
Posted by Ralek
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Splitting the "gas" tag
Posted by Love Letter
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Alias "growling" and "snarl"?
Posted by LightningBolt
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When X and Y - tag definition
Posted by Cirrus Light
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[NSFW]Creation and Definition of the "Happy Bondage" Tag
Posted by Zebasiz
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Power Ponies should imply Costume
Posted by yttyr
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Alias: "nightmare woona" to "nightmare woon"
Posted by Mike Rosoft
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'blinking' should imply 'eyes closed'
Posted by Dragonpone
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'cafeteria song' should be aliased into 'helping twilight win the crown'
Posted by Solitude
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[NSFW] presenting tags should be aliased to 'presenting'
Posted by Dragonpone
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"impending death" should be aliased to "imminent death"
Posted by Background Pony #EDF3
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