We have body type tags now!


Just a quick thing in case anybody noticed a few tags changing color, we now have body type tags! Not a huge thing but these body types can really help narrow down a post and it's nice to be able to highlight them a bit.

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback for this, let us know here!

This is not official but I'm personally shooting for a feral/quadraped-type tag in the future as it would be so nice to be able to search that on here (basically pony but with all the other non-anthro non-human creatures) but that's going to need some planning on its own as it would cover a huge chunk of the site's posts and be a big project, likely leveraging most of what's already in the pony tag.

A "for later" type thing and a personal goal.
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This will help in distinguishing pony-like zebras from anthro ones for sure. Maybe it'll also help resolve the "are dragons anthro?" and "are Equestria Girls humans?" issues.

I personally worry about making large tagging changes and would want us to make some pretty clear and careful plans, but I do recognize that we have been tagging in some pretty weird ways so we probably need large tagging changes on how we do species (similar issue as tagging "G4", now that G4 is basically dead and Pony Life is out while G5 is coming).
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Please don't use feral as a body type tag. It might have traction in the furry community, but personally I think it's just confusing. I'd much rather a quadruped tag instead.

That aside… what level of generalization in terms for body types are we looking at here? Umbrella tags like humanoid, arachnoid, or serpentine, or something more specific? We might need that when it comes to certain kinds of hybrids or original species. I have little idea how you'd deal with seapony hybrids, for one.

It has traction in the pony community too. Derpi is the only site/community I've seen to not call it feral and there's just a gap where pony kind of fits but not really. I'm not against calling it quadruped either, mind you. I do however feel like if it's not feral, feral should at least be aliased into it because the current meaning is largely useless/undertagged (and misleading to most people) and that meaning moved to something more obvious to its purpose.

Right now I'm mostly focusing on the tags I have in front of me rather than creating new ones. Serpentine might not be a bad idea though, and yeah hybrids and sea creatures are kind of a pain to work into it. It's still very much an early work in progress. I only have ideas written on paper, none of the actual planning stages have gone through yet and those would be brought up in the forums. I mostly mentioned it here in an unofficial way because I felt like it would come up.

That being said I'm definitely open to ideas and this is good feedback for later use that I'll keep in mind. :)
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Will there now be an EqG art/body/headstyle tag independent from the EqG content/series characters/universe tag?

@Background Pony #589F
Not specifically to this thread, but I really want to move equestria girls to human (equestria girls), because right now trying to keep that enforced to just equestria girls style humans is not working.

Something like:
* Move equestria girls → human (equestria girls) and clean up
* Imply human (equestria girls) and all the related subtags to the now fresh equestria girls
* (personal opinion) drop the thing that prevents eqg humans from being tagged with human, because now people have a reliable way to filter eqg humans specifically

There's more that would go into that but that's the rough idea at least. Likewise I know the last would have some push back until people got used to it, but needing to do both -human and -equestria girls to filter out all the humans is really annoying and unintuitive (and lets face it they're getting tagged human anyways, so less cleanup needed).

In the end I just want users to be able to reliably filter eqg humans and not let things like sunset shimmer as a pony get caught in the mix due to association with the series.
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My understanding is that body type tags allow both body type and species tags to coexist on an image (ie. anthro and pony). The pony tag still says "Not to be tagged on characters drawn as Anthro or Semi-anthro" though. Is that outdated, or is my understanding here incorrect?


I actually had it as a body type tag for a short period of time but it was causing a lot of confusion so I swapped it back for the moment. Current rules still apply, it's just in limbo right now between being a species tag and a body type tag and needs to be reworked at some point.
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