This Pony Does Not Exist character tags


OMG this thread is so long by now…do we got a conclusion or consensus here?

In my view, a nerual network produce what you feed. If I use the same network with the training set contains only Fluttershy images, then I can easily got a "ThisFluttershyDoesNotExist" website. So how should we tag these images that produced by AI…?

If you remove Fluttershy tag for TPDNE images because it claims that they do not reflect to any real pony, then you should also not tag my TFDNE images because I claim that they do not reflect to the canon Flutteyshy.

However, I also claim that this is Fluttershy, but just in another…parellel world? So all TFDNE should be tagged as Fluttershy.

What a paradox!

But I don't care what will be the final decision anymay. I have hidden TPDNE tag because it was spamming my watchlist.
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The title of your hypothetical website would be an oxymoron. All the websites like this that I've seen are titled as general concepts or concepts that would require more than just a picture to exist. "Fluttershy" isn't a general concept and would "exist" with only a picture. If your website was specifically for Fluttershys, then a more accurate title would be something like "Now This Fluttershy Exists" or something.

But anyway, I agree that they shouldn't be tagged as canon characters and think the "not" tags are the best solution.
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