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The "maga" tag doesn't exist, but something does


My previous post was locked because the “maga” tag doesn’t exist. Leaving aside that I’m pretty sure it did exist at one point, something is still there because I get two pages of results when I search the term.
Is there some special search syntax I’m running into? Or am I getting a cache?
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Yes, the tag used to exist, however, we had already aliased that into “make america great again” by the time the thread was locked. we just forgot to mention that.
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It’s not an alias at the moment though. And if it is (that is, adding tag “maga” would switch it to “make america great again”), it’s bad form to have an internal alias that isn’t using the regular alias system.

If it is a true alias it’s unlike any I’ve seen: Searching for it gives different results than those for “make america great again” and the tag doesn’t redirect. So I assume that “alias” here means something along the lines of “retagged.”
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