Tag "diaper fetish" name and definition mismatch

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Put simply, diaper fetish having a name that implies it's any sexualization of the use of diapers, but having a definition that's any time non-babies are in diapers, doesn't match. Sometimes adults are in diapers for innocent reasons (like Pinkie in the babysitting episode), and sometimes there's sexualization of diapers on babies (common with age regression stuff) or not being worn.
This has caused a bit of a headache with tagging >>2442823 because of its counterintuitive nature (users come in here with a set of expectations that is reasonable but we violate it and they get mad prior to comprehensive explaining).

I think the easy solution is to split the tags into something carrying the current definition, but a more straightforward name like "diapered non-baby", and then a tag carrying the current name, but a definition that's any time diapers are sexualized, with some examples of how that's done.

As this is somewhat outside my area of expertise with fetishes, I'd especially appreciate some feedback from those more familiar with the ABDL community.
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