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The gondola tag should have a description added that it is for the boat (or renamed to gondola (boat)) and not for Spurdo.
Suggested wording:
For the boat. Images of Spurdo Spärde almost certainly should be tagged as gondola (meme) instead.
I cleaned up the boat gondola tag shortly before writing this post, so there aren’t any mistagged images left to use as an example.

Although it’s not ready for a description suggestion just yet, I just made a thread about neck hugs and neck nuzzles. Once a consensus is reached, it’ll need some descriptions to codify the decision.
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Tag name:discorded twilight
Short Description:Images of a grey sad Twilight Sparkle.
Detailed Description:Images that depict Twilight Sparkle from the episode The Return of Harmony, when Twilight Sparkle turned grey and become depressed. Turning into loneliness.
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I suggest that “comments locked down” should include “‘drama in the comments’ is already covered here, so there is no need for a separate tag. Read at your own discretion.”.
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Tag name: spam Link
Short description: Canned meat or excessive mail.
Long description: A brand of canned meat and parodies of it, or “spam” messages in context: images depicting excess or unwanted advertisements. May also be used for the word “spam” itself.
Do not use this tag on posts because you think there are too many of that kind of post.
Example image:
P.S. the tag needs a bit of cleanup…
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There are two tags for microskirt
A two word one micro skirt
And a one word one microskirt
The later is used far more often than the former. So could you take the short description and implies from the former and add to the later, please? Then we can just use the one word tag from now on.
Thanks in advance.
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