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Stocking should be aliased into stockings

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stocking -> stockings
The tag count for stocking is pretty low compared to stockings and thus could probably just have someone edit the tags manually, but I feel as if this is still going to be a problem after that if it’s stuck around for this long.
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did you mean something like this?

it has both stockings and christmas stockings, which is correct, I didn’t see anything else in my search that could match any image there going into stockings instead.
I am finding more and more results going into stockings instead of Christmas stockings instead, which doesn’t make sense, because it has no stockings in them.  
As for the tags, I’d wager that ‘stocking’ itself seems like a tag that should be merged/aliased into stockings, it shares the same word, meaning and definition, while also avoiding any christmas stockings falling under either of those two, as they’re completely different things (stocking/s - the thing you wear on your legs, Christmas stocking/s - the sock shaped bag you put on a wall).
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Badge Dragon
I meant that the stocking tag had Christmas stockings in it, but that it also had regular leg stockings in the tag that would need to be moved. Of course, I started typing it out before Napsack posted again and had no idea ‘Christmas stocking’ was even a tag, so my point is rather moot.
And yeah, I’d agree that the stocking tags should be merged and any Christmas stocking tags still in it should be moved to the ‘Christmas stockings’ tag.
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