Spoiler image situation (tag exclusivity, implications, descriptions, scope etc.)

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Problem 1: official spoiler image description conflicts with the implications. Description says "spoilered image joke" is in the style of official spoiler images, but not in use as one—therefore one image should not have both "official" and "joke" tags. However the "official" tag implies "joke" which implies all official spoiler images should have both tags.
Images that are officially used as spoiler images for tags on Derpibooru. For spoiler images that are drawn in the official style, but not used by the site, please see Spoilered Image Joke

:::Proposed action: remove the implication. Official spoiler images are official, not jokes on official spoiler images.

Problem 2 a: spoilered image joke is defined in the description of "official spoiler image", but has no description of its own.

Problem 2 b: "spoilered image joke" has unclear scope. The description on "official" implies "joke" is limited to the style of official spoiler images, but there are almost no common factors within the usage to deduce that "style" from—not even the starburst background or the bottom caption are universal.

Problem 2 c: "spoilered image joke" has unclear name. In absence of a description, there are:
* jokey, non-official fake spoiler images
* official spoiler images that are humorous
* images that contain spoiler images to make a meta joke (such as images that are expected to be found via browsing, not via thumbnail).

:::Proposed action: decide whether the scope is supposed to be restricted to jokey facsimiles of official spoiler images, or any non-official image in roughly the same format as DB spoiler images, or any joke image that uses the appearance of any official or non-official spoiler image as part of the joke. Apply corresponding description. In case of the former, stricter scopes, change the tag name to reflect that or keep the name for a new laxer scope and move the stricter scope to a new name.

Problem 3: spoiler image exists without a clear purpose, scope, or description. It seems to be in use for:
* occurrences of both official and non-official spoiler images as elements within larger pieces
* both official and non-official spoiler images on their own.

:::Proposed action: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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I'll cover this in bullet form because my brain is too sleepy to form more than full paragraphs

* I think there should be a blanket tag for both regardless. Not a lot of these images exist so I don't think it would make sense to split hairs with this one.
* I can add a description to the spoilered image joke tag to cover both official and unofficial.
* I wouldn't mind a better name for it, but it's still a sort of meta joke whether it's official or not, so I don't know if it's needed.
* If it's not in the style or it's some kinda meta meta joke like >>1587903, it should probably go under spoiler image for now. Not a lot show up on here so a manual sort would probably be sufficient for all of these.
** I can add a description for this too

Summary: Same scope as they're being used for now except clean up spoiler image for now. Add descriptions to the two that are missing.

Let me know if I forgot anything.
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